April, 2017

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Online Reputation Crisis Management Strategies

Challenges are inevitable in the business world. And, for a company to be successful there has to be an effective crisis management strategy in place. The same applies for online reputation. As the world of business becomes more and more digitized, it has become essential to have to maintain a good online reputation. But, sometimes it slips our hands and an attack on our brand is made. At such time, a business will only survive if it had a good strategy to defend its brand. Here are some strategies that could be used to handle an online reputation management crisis.

Gather Facts

Before you can even think of responding to a crisis, it is important that you take time to get the facts rights. This is never a waste of time, explains IC Media Direct Reviews. Rather, it prepares you to have the right response for your audience. Taking your time does not mean that you are not responsive. Rather, it means that you are finding a strategy that will solve the crisis once and for all so that you will not end up contradicting yourself.

Have A Response Plan

Not all businesses think of formulating a plan to deal with online reputation crisis. Most just assume that everything will be okay as long as they are doing right by their clients. They assume that then, nothing could go wrong. But the truth is, online reputation crisis happens when least expected. And, if one has a plan, it can be handled smoothly. Therefore, strive to have built a team that will handle online reputation crisis. Also, plan for a communication channel to be used and the team that will do the update. Importantly, have a plan B, in case your response team isn’t available.


It is important that you respond quickly. But, you have to wait until you have gotten all the facts. Getting the facts first, will ensure that you are not shaken in your argument. And, when responding, ensure that you do not argue on complaint threads. Also, don’t try to delete comments or block clients just because they made their comments.

Yanni Hufnagel: University Of Nevada’s Big Time Recruiter

Yanni Hufnagel, assistant men’s basketball coach for the University of Nevada, has a reputation as a skilled recruiter and passionate coach with a bright future. He started analyzing basketball plays at a young age — he says that he read coaching books until they were worn at the edges. As a teen, he called games for the local public-access TV station. Yanni’s analytical skill is evident when he speaks about the game. As the Nevada Assistant Coach this year, he brings years of experience at Harvard, Vanderbilt, and California.


Yanni Hufnagel took a coaching position at Harvard in June of 2009. There he was quickly spotted as a rising star. His peers voted him “most likely to make it big time due to his recruiting ability” in 2011. He was a highly skilled recruiter, though Harvard can be a tough sell to coveted athletes with many options.


Following Harvard, Yanni Hufnagel went on to join Vanderbilt Commodores in May 2013. There he worked as assistant coach for Kevin Stallings. His recruiting abilities were highlighted when the team acquired Wade Baldwin IV and Matthew Fisher-Davis, the later of which left Vanderbilt after two seasons of playing for the Commodores when he was drafted by the Memphis Grizzlies.



After one season with Vanderbilt, Yanni Hufnagel accepted a position as assistant coach under Cuonzo Martin, for the California Golden Bears. In his two seasons working as assistant coach for California, Yanni worked with 2016 draft picks Jaylen Brown and Tyrone Wallace. In his second season for California, Yanni assisted the team earn a highlight in the history of the program: a No. 4 seed in the NCAA Tournament. Yanni Hufnagel joined Nevada’s Wolf Pack coaching staff for the 2016-17 season.

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JeanMarie Guenot Is Saving Lives With Her Research

Jeanmarie Guenot is a Ph.D. recipient with decades of experience in the biotech industry. She has had a colorful career in different private companies including venture capital groups. She is currently dedicated as the CEO of Amphivena Therapeutics, which develops some of the most game-changing drugs on the market.

Prior to her involvement with Amphivena, Jeanmarie Guenot was running her company SKS Ocular. The company successfully released treatments for glaucoma, macular degeneration and ocular inflammation. She had also done advising for Hoffmann-La Roche and PDL BioPharma. Her prior position at Hoffmann-La Roche was to develop drugs for metabolic diseases.

Jeanmarie Guenot’s first job was with Atlas Venture. At her position, she managed for funding and formation of life science industries. Jeanmarie Guenot earning her Ph.D. from the University of California prior to her career.

Amphivena is heavily invested in developing antibody therapies. They hope to treat types of blood cancers that are currently neglected in the medical market on guenotllc.com. They had recently developed Tandem antibiotics to treat acute myeloid leukemia. The company is partnered with Janssen Biotech and Affimed Therapeutics AG.

Not only is Amphivena responsible for life-saving research, but they also employ a female dominant staff. The entire executive team consists of well-educated females.

Also within the company is Dr. Lori Kunkel. Her career has consisted of executive positions for companies involved with commercializing oncologic/immunologic therapies. She had ben actively employed with venture capital groups located in the Boston and Bay area.

Judith A. Fox is the Vice President of Amphivena. She is primarily responsible for the research and development part of the company. With her previous employment at Sunesis Pharmaceuticals, she developed groundbreaking research with acute myeloid leukemia. She was also previously a director of the Translational Sciences department at Chiron Corporation.

Managing Director Jennifer Sims holds quite and important position for the company as well. She has over 25 years of corporate experience in the molecule and biological drug development world. Her career has also had a primary focus on biological products. She is an expert at administering clinical trials and marketing of relevant pharmaceutical products.

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Build Successful Wealth Strategies

Decide that you want to experience true financial wealth by becoming a part of the NexBank financial corporation. They offer a host of services that are meant to ensure that their customers have optimized ways to save their hard earned money. NexBank is proudly backed with over $40 billion dollars in assets. You can rest assured that your money is FDIC insured and safe with their innovative banking features. John Holt, NexBank, CEO, recently spoke at a financial conference and said, that his goal is to add additional leaders to his executive team. They’re also interested in expanding their general counsel.

NexBank recently acquired a $24 million dollar common equity gain that has pleased their investors. Their customers are proud to be a part of an awarding winning financial institution that remains competitive in a tough economic industry. You can put your money in an interest bearing savings account and gain 1.9% interest after 6 months. NexBank ensures that your money works for you. Thousands of customers have switched to their popular online platform for access to their money at any time. Get a banking experience that can’t be matched by their competitors.

NexBank Features

– Free online bill pay

– Free direct deposit

– Free checks

– IRA accounts

– Commercial accounts

– Mortgage accounts

– Anytime access

and more…

Have you been bombarded with government student loan debt? You can save money on college tuition and other expenses by taking part in their signature college savings program offered through a partnership with New Jersey based, College Savings Bank. They offer their customers 1,600+ college savings programs to choose from. Become a part of NexBank by visiting their exclusive easy to read and navigate website for promotional offers and features today.


The Life of Jennifer Walden, The Plastic Surgeon

Background and early life

Jennifer Walden was born and brought up in Austin, Texas. Her father and was a surgical nurse. She attended Anderson high school and later graduated with honors’ with a bachelor’s of arts in biology from the University of Texas. Later Jennifer received her medical doctorate from the University of Texas Medical Branch in 1998. While pursuing her doctorate, Jennifer was also in an externship in Miami at the prestigious plastic surgery associates.


Education background

Jennifer Walden undertook her residency training at the University of Texas medical branch. Here, Jennifer obtained training in aesthetic surgery at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital. In this fellowship, she gained knowledge, expertise and techniques in the cosmetic face, breast, and body, and aesthetic plastic surgery from internationally known expert leaders. She served as the program director of Manhattan eye, ear, and throat hospital cosmetic surgery fellowship till she went back to Austin, her homeland.


Dr. Jennifer Walden, who is a qualified plastic surgeon specialized in cosmetic surgery is now a board certified plastic surgeon. Jennifer was certified by the American Board of plastic surgery. Currently, Jennifer is listed among the best 24 doctors in the United States. She operates her own business, which is a fully accredited office at Westlake medical care center. Dr. Walden leads a team that is dedicated to ensuring that patients are safe and well taken care of by medical experts.


Other responsibilities

Jennifer is a member of several other organizations like the prestigious American Society for Aesthetic surgery. Dr. Walden is also in the American society of plastic surgeons, modern aesthetic and plastic surgery practices editorial board of directors and fellowships at American college of surgeons. She is the board of trustees of the American society for aesthetic plastic surgeons. Besides being a cosmetic surgeon, Jennifer is also a dignified qualified spokesperson for the American society for aesthetic plastic surgery, and also the American society of plastic surgeons.

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Phenomenal Service Leads White Shark Media to the Top of the Online Advertising Industry

When three Danish marketing experts formed White Shark Media, they already knew that they would be providing a service, not a product. They were committed to providing optimal customer service for their clients, and assist them in every way possible. Today, they have proven this concept because they have a list of original clients who are still clients today.


White Shark Media opened online in 2010 and has included excellent Pay Per Click Management, Mobile Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and Web Development. Since all of these are offered by most other management agencies, WSM’s plan to excel in service explains their phenomenal success. Today, they have 144 skilled techs on the team, and Andrew Lolk, founder, is COO over them.


To understand the view point management has with clients, let’s see how complaints are handled. There is no other agency online or off that cares for their customers like WSM. If you go to www.whitesharkmedia.com/testimonials, you will see that many clients have testified that WSM goes the extra mile, but here’s a complaint that inadvertently improved the client’s account while also improving the entire company.


Several years ago, a client was having difficulty reaching his contact person when they needed him, so he contacted customer service with the issue. The tech team immediately went into action and founders COO Andrew Lolk and CEO Gary Garth made decisions. They authorized a Live meeting for every client to update them on details. The problem about the contact person was solved by providing every contact with an individual extension and then adding local phone service with the direct extensions. There was no extra charges for the changes.


This is only one example of how WSM handles situations and gains excellent reviews. It is no wonder that White Shark Media has become a leader in online advertising and marketing in less than six years.



Jason Hope the JMH Executive Developing High-End Properties in America

Jason Halpern: Real Estate Entrepreneur

Jason Halpern: Real Estate Entrepreneur

Jason Halpern is an accomplished real estate developer. He runs JMH Property Development Company that has gained popularity for developing high-end properties. Jason’s father was very successful in properties businesses. His dad taught him everything in the industry. Jason took his role at JMH in 2010, since then he has been able to create business strategies that have made the company very successful. JMH has built many structures in the commercial and residential sector.


Jason was raised by a father who was spending most of his time in construction sites. Jason’s father would go with Jason to the sites and his interest in the sector grew from a very young age. Jason began attending property development summits with his father and from these meetings he picked vital lessons on how to lay strategies to succeed in the properties business. Jason learned how to negotiate with architects and other players in the construction industry this has made him very efficient in building structures at the best cost.

Jason Halpern at Aloft

Jason Halpern at Aloft

At JMH Jason is focusing on building structures that attract the high-end buyers. Jason Halpern has employed a lot of creativity and innovativeness in his career and this has made JMH a leader in providing clients with expensive housing units. JMH has luxurious houses in Miami, Brooklyn and Manhattan among other top places in America. To sharpen his skills in the properties and construction business, Jason worked at construction sites during summer when he was in high school. He was not choosy, he did menial jobs as a laborer and at times he would take site management jobs.

Jason Halpern with his Mates

Jason Halpern with his Mates

Jason Halpern attributes his success in business to his ability to solve any challenge. This skill has helped him to think outside the box and come up with unique architectural designs. Jason has bought properties in the most prestigious places in the US and his company JMH has earned reputation from clients for delivering products promptly. Remodeling of a warehouse that was more than a thousand years old at 184 Kent was one of the big projects that Jason Halpern handled and the project grew his popularity.

Jason’s Family

Jason’s Family

By working with the best brains in the construction industry, Jason turned the warehouse into a modern apartment in a short period. JMH Company through Jason’s leadership is now the best firm in the Properties market. Jason is charitable and he contributes a lot of money to charitable initiatives.


Look At Those Lips

I have tried many lip balms and none can compare to EOS. EOS- Evolution Of Smooth always gets the best reviews over any other. Founder Craig Dubinsky sells his products with ease throughout the United States and Canada to name a few places. His many many flavors are organic enriched with jojoba oils,shea butter and vitamins. EOS lip balm is affordable and will not break your budget. These round beauties have many tastes to fit anyone’s mood. For instance, one terrific flavor is Pomegranate Raspberry. The flavor is as it sounds. The sphere it comes in is a raspberry color with a twist cap. EOS lip balm has to flat edges, one for your finger and the other to set it down. It will never roll away from you. It is simple to find in your purse.

Strawberry Sorbet is another fabulous fruity flavor, check this on amazon.com.  It quenches your lips on that hot summer day. Any day of the year is perfect for this flavor. Strawberry is sweet as ever. It comes in a cute pastel pink package. The balm is shimmery and clear. The scent along with flavor is long lasting and penetrates your lips. Damaged and dry lips will heal and feel moist once again with this product. You wont have to worry about not being able to find it in your purse when your on the go. Best of all, there is no chemicals in them. This means there is no chemical aftertaste. EOS lip balm is a must have for any list and any occasion.  Go straight to this!!

See https://well.ca/brand/eos-evolution-of-smooth.html


Wengie Introduces Some Lifesaving Hacks

Wengie has some lifesaving hacks that can turn you into another MacGyver. You remember the television character who could take unlikely things and turn them into lifesaving devices. Here are some of Wengie’s ideas.


Suppose you can’t start your car and your phone battery is also dead. You can charge your cell phone with a car charger. All you need is a nine-volt batter and some house keys. Take one side of the battery and touch it to the car charger. Take the other side of the car battery and place a the end of the key there. Press the car charger and the key down and the light on the car charger should light up. Next, plug your phone into the car charger and it should charge up your cell phone.


If you’re in a place where finding a source of drinking water is a problem for you, you can make a water filter. If all you have is water from a creek or a pond, it’s possible to filter the water and make it pure to drink. Make sure you bring along a piece of cloth and two glass jars. Fill one of the containers with the dirty water and be sure to place the jar on something that is elevated. Place the empty container beneath it on a slightly lower level. Place one end of the cloth in the dirty water and the other end in the empty container. The water from the water from the elevated jar should slowly transfer the water into the lower container, trapping the debris in the cloth. It makes sense to boil the water before drinking it because it might be contaminated.


Another way to get water is by making a rain catcher. In most cases, rainwater is one of the safest kinds of water to drink. Cut off the bottom a plastic water bottle and then cut four strips into it, placing the mouth of the bottle into another receptacle like a larger bottle and wait for the rain. These ideas and more can be found in this fun video.



Chris Burch Applies Imagination To His Businesses

Christopher Burch is the founder of Burch Creative Capital. Currently, he is the CEO of this company. Chris Burch expresses his vision by applying imagination, being creative, and providing support and scale. This leads to disruptive brands as well as businesses. These tend to have a direct and positive impact that lasts on consumers’ lives for a long time.


Chris Burch believes that fashion and technology go together. They are both changing all the time. Hence they should both work in sync. In fact, even the fashion designers, as well as the technological innovators, are realizing this and making good use of this thinking.


Bikers do not like to wear their protection equipment as it is not fashionable enough. This is why fashion designers have come up with the idea of airbags that can be worn around the neck and look fashionable enough too. The helmets worn by bikers impact their vision. These airbags take care of that issue too. Besides, in the case of an impact, these airbags open up and save the skull of the biker. Hence this is a beautiful example of fashion and technology moving together.


During the 70s, people started carrying their music with them. It is never fashionable or convenient to carry along something that is big or bulky. Hence smaller versions came in the form of a Walkman. This was soon replaced by the iPod. This way technology had to keep pace with fashion.


The popularity of Google Glass was bound to get impacted as there is a social stigma attached to wearing glasses. These give that geek look which people are not very fond of. Hence it would be impacting Google Glass too. This is why fashion designers came to the rescue. They decided to make it look trendy and fashionable to wear glasses by making their models wear it on the ramp!