Julie Zuckerberg: Standing Tall As A Talent Acquisition Lead

Julie Zuckerberg is a woman who embodies professionalism in every sense of the word. Born and raised in New York, Julie holds one of the top positions in the field of talent acquisition and recruitment’s. Currently, Julie serves as the Lead Talent Acquisition Executive for Deutsche Bank, a position she has had for quite a long time now.


Julie is a woman who has always strived to learn as much as she can, from the work she does and the people around her as well. When Julie was entering college, she had decided to pursue a major in Philosophy. She then changed her mind to switch to a different field and took up a course in Law from New York Law College. All that Julie has learned in the sector of recruiting has been through work experience and her association with top level recruiters who have mentored Jullie all through her career.


Julie is headstrong and extremely efficient when it comes to the field of talent acquisition and recruitments. At Deutsche Bank, she leads a team of recruiters who have all been trained by Julie herself and who are experienced in the field of talent acquisition. With her team, Julie leads all the recruiting needs of Deutsche Bank. She is also tasked with training all the employees who are already working in the company, as well as those who are coming into the enterprise to start out their professional careers. Julie trains these employees and helps them gain leadership skills so that they can perform better at their jobs and can have better scope for progressing faster in the profession. Julie has helped numerous people all through her life and has always tried to place people in the job that is rightly fit for them, to benefit both the company as well as the people they employ.


In addition to these duties, Julie also handles numerous other tasks at Deutsche Bank and helps them with various managerial activities. She helps the executive team and advises them on their various undertakings. She also helps with the negotiations of numerous top level contracts and has been of tremendous help to the company. Julie has helped the overall progress of Deutsche Bank and continued to support the bank in whatever way she can.


Julie has had tremendous experience in the field of talent acquisition and recruitment. Her thirst for knowledge is what has helped Julie grow to the professional height she possesses today. She has managed to distinguish herself in a male dominated field and has managed to stand on top everything that stood in her way of becoming a success. Through her career, Julie has met people from numerous different areas who have all contributed to her growth and development in the sector.


In addition to working with Deutsche Bank, Julie Zuckerberg also handles recruitments of various companies from a variety of different industries. Her team of recruiters handles all the on-site recruitments while Julie formulates the guidelines and strategies for recruitment.


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