How Whitney Wolfe Is Changing Online Dating

Sexual harassment is a major issue online and Whitney Wolfe understands that better than anyone. At her previous job at Hatch Labs she was sexually harassed and eventually sued. After settling that lawsuit she decided she wanted to leave to create her own company. She decided to create the dating app Bumble. Bumble is somewhat similar to Tinder but it differs in one key area: all heterosexual encounters begin with women making the first move. Something like this is absolutely unseen in online dating.

A Young Entrepreneur Challenges It

Whitney Wolfe is less than 30 years old but she has already proven herself as an accomplished entrepreneur. After graduating from college the first thing she decided to do was try her luck working selling tote bags to victims of the 2010 BP oil spill. Later on she decided to work for Hatch Labs and did important work in creating Tinder. Now she has struck out on her own with Bumble. A radically different dating app, Bumble is centered around giving women the initiative in all opposite sex encounters. This approached has left Bumble with a distinct feel when compared to other apps.

Is Bumble Making A Difference?

The question is whether or not Bumble is making a difference in the dating world. Early indications seem to suggest that people enjoy Bumble and like where the app is going. There are currently millions of users and hundreds of millions of matches. With those numbers it seems as if she’s done something right and people want more of it. Wolfe understands how to shake things up and she understands what consumers want in their apps. Things are going her way and there isn’t any sign of that changing in the forseeable future.


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