Lime Crime Adds Scandal To Velvetine Line


Lime Crime is a makeup company that is certainly making a name for themselves in the makeup industry. Certainly, they are a very unique makeup company that is taking the way that people wear makeup in a new direction. The company believes that makeup is a creative tool for the individual that would like to express their feelings to the world. Are you feeling a little Scandalous? Well, now is the perfect time to try their new addition to the Velvetines’ lipstick line. The name of the new entry is Scandal. Scandal is a rich purple-violet hue that is truly unique.

Why You Will Like Scandal

Why would you like scandal? Every person that desires a bold and inviting look will love Scandal. It is a deep, rich hue that will definitely add to your sex appeal. Scandal is a Velvetine lipstick. The color goes on liquid and dries to a beautiful matte finish. The intense purple hue is completely on trend this season. It is also a color that has staying power and will probably remain a popular color for a long time. The Lime Crime CEO, Doe Deere, believes that the color is for the punk rock girl or guy that likes getting the attention or they have that fabulous I Don’t Care Attitude. This color is definitely not for the reserved personality.


Wearing Scandal

Wearing scandal takes preparation. Start with buffed lips that are smooth. Apply protective petroleum jelly or your favorite lip balm. Let the product set for several minutes. Line the lips with a lip color pencil that is close to the Scandal hue. Take the Scandal applicator and apply the lipstick. The lipstick goes on liquid and dries to a smooth finish. The lipstick is smudge proof and should last the entire day.


Lime Crime is the creator of the fabulous new Scandal lipstick. They are a popular cosmetic company located in Los Angeles, California. The company has created a color revolution in the makeup industry. Bold and fresh colors are now the norm and becoming very addictive. Visit their website and get your Scandal on, or check out their Venus the Grunge eyeshadow palette.

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