Trump Victory Sparks Action From George Soros

The 2016 U.S. Presidential election may have been won by Republican Donald Trump, but George Soros, perhaps the most famous Democrat donor in history has promised the fight against right wing ideology will continue on George Soros had already seen the rise in dangerous comments and behavior by Republican candidates for the Presidency and even went as far as accusing both Trump and Ted Cruz of doing the work of ISIS during the election campaign on Biography; the hedge fund billionaire met with leading figures from the Democratic Party soon after the election victory of Trump in a bid to begin the liberal fight back as quickly as possible.

During both 2015 and 2016, George Soros had already made a return to many aspects of life it appeared he had left behind long before when he began funding the election campaigns of Democrat’s for many different state and national positions at After providing around $3.5 million in funding for state level prosecutor elections for Democratic candidates the man who made a lone refugee journey across Europe after the completion of World War II made his major splash with $25 million worth of backing for the campaign of Hillary Clinton. George Soros was courted by all the major Super PAC’s fighting to aid the election of Clinton and other Democrat’s before supplying around $7 million in funds for the Clinton supporting Priorities USA Super PAC.

The role of George Soros within the Democratic Party has always been one that is more than simply a major donor; in fact, many believe the arrival of Soros in the 2016 election cycle inspired many other donors to provide more funding than they would have in the past. Understanding the political situation in the world has been a major part of the business life of George Soros and includes his establishment of the Democracy Alliance group of donors that had planned to meet for a three day event just days after the November Presidential elections. Despite not planning to attend the meeting George Soros changed his schedule to speak on the final day of the event and meet with leading political figures in a bid to make sure the Democrat’s are prepared to begin the battle against Donald Trump’s policies on day one of his administration.

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