Julie Zuckerberg: The Executive Recruiter

Julie Zuckerberg works in the Deutsche Bank as the Executive Recruiting Team Lead and is based in the Greater New York City Area. She collaborates with different leaders from Commercial business and Private Wealth fields, Global Technology, Asset Management to push for talent acquisition strategies and improvement of recruitment processes.



Julie leads development and negotiation at the management level. She also offers quality services to executive and leadership committees on issues such as hiring governance, best recruitment practices and enhancement of engagement and proficiency for attracting diverse and top talent. Julie is a philosophy graduate from the leading City University of New York, Brooklyn College.



Besides, she holds a degree in law at New York Law School. She has managed to outsource talents extensively throughout the world, participated in expatriate processes, involved in the candidate vetting process, firm selection and fee negotiation. She is good when it comes to evaluation and analysis of client needs and develops innovative business solutions in effect.



Her previous experience includes Talent Acquisition Lead, Executive Recruiter and Vice President of Deutsche Bank. Julie had partnered with hiring managers and business partners to develop appropriate sourcing strategies that include direct sourcing, internal mobility, and networking methods. She helps organizations to acquire high-quality candidates who are diverse and talented. Julie is the most popular and efficient human resource specialist and recruitment professional in New York.



Julie Zuckerberg has served as the Corporate Vice President and Hire Recruiting at a New York-based Insurance Company. She has headed managed recruitment processes comprising of recruiters and team project managers. She has also worked at Hudson in the position of Director of Candidate Placement. She helped Hudson to hire paralegals, attorneys, support staff, and case managers. Besides, she offered great support to the Hudson Human Resource Department.



Julie has also served at Citi Global Consumer Bank on the position of Vice President. In Citi, she helped the organization to manage whole employee life cycle and management of senior legal and compliance hiring processes. Julie also advised Citi business leaders on compensation, talent, recruiting strategies and competitive markets. She also managed the negotiation for complex job roles such as relocation, equity buyouts, clawbacks, and deferred awards.



Julie has helped businesses to grow through attraction and acquisition of talent. Nowadays, the trend follows that organizations that build a strong, talented team will most likely succeed in the extremely competitive world. Organizational success is growingly less depended on funding, procedures, technology but more depended on the characteristics and abilities of employees. Consequently, firms should almost always find and place the right person at every position.



Julie has 15 years experience in talent acquisition and recruitment management. Julie expresses interest in other areas such as food, art, technology, photography and running. These are some of the activities or interests in which she pursues when out of work. She has managed to establish a balanced work-life culture in her career. Moreover, she is a strong fan and follower of the New York life and culture. She advocates for wildlife conservation and human rights.


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