Goettl Proud To Add Two More HVAC Companies To Its Team

Las Vegas Air and Paradise Air will now be working with Goettl Air Conditioning as part of a major HVAC technician team serving the greater Las Vegas area. According to a release from PRNewswire, Las Vegas Air and Paradise Air have been servicing residential and some commercial properties, and now this merger with Goettl will add plumbing to their services as Goettl is also partnered with The Sunny Plumber. Las Vegas Air’s Managing Partner Stephen Gamst is pleased with the merger because he knows Goettl CEO Ken Goodrich quite well and believes this move will let him meet his customer’s and employee’s needs better.


Goettl Air Conditioning has met customer needs throughout their existence and has maintained one of the highest satisfaction ratings over the years. Goettl’s legacy began back in 1939 when Adam and Gust Goettl started building air conditioning systems in the Phoenix area of Arizona to keep residences and industrial buildings cool. Since then, Goettl has updated its equipment and installation practices, but they continue to hire the most qualified technicians and servicemen. With years of experience and extensive knowledge in HVAC efficiency, Goettl ensures their products are Energy Star certified and environmentally friendly.


Goettl doesn’t just install any air conditioning or heating systems, they make sure each system is custom fit for each home and has efficient duct work. Goettl also fixes pipes and other plumbing issues related to HVAC systems thanks to their partnership with The Sunny Plumber. Goettl has helped returning military servicemen find employment in the HVAC industry through scholarship and grant programs, including even the purchase of HVAC repair equipment. Goettl has also helped individuals in need when they’ve needed air conditioning repairs, including helping an elderly couple that had suffered from heat stroke and physical disabilities and couldn’t pay for air conditioner repairs.

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