Celebrity is as Celebrity does


Everyone loves celebrities. We follow them in tabloids and are always curious what they are doing. This includes when one of our favorites passes away. A recent fan favorite of the Stars Trek universe passed away in 2015. An example of the best of old famous people, Leonard Nimoy, age 83 who played the famous role of Mr. Spock on Star Trek had a very private Jewish funeral attended by close friends and family. Nimoy had a solid television and film career playing the role of Spock, even reprising the role in resent years as studios relaunched Star Trek.  Leonard would also have one of the most prominent celebrity funerals.


Another celebrity famous for roles in westerns, and more recently as a director, Clint Eastwood, a famous ISTJ, may not be far behind. The famous Dirty Harry star is now 86 years old and it would not be hard to believe that he may not be around in ten years. We sure would miss his “talking to an empty chair” humor. It’s sad to see talented celebrities go because we will no longer be able to enjoy new works of art from them.


Even though we sometimes lose good celebrities, there are still those who really brought their craft to life by fully engaging in their roles. In this case, celebrities who actually may have done the deed while filming. One such couple rumored to have been engaging in the act while shooting the film Factory Girl were Hayden Christensen and Sienna Miller. Though both actors deny the rumor, you can’t deny their on film chemistry and very realistic reactions during love scenes.



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