To Save His Wife, Meant Saving His Life and Pastor Hosea Collins joined forces to save the life of Pastor Collins’ wife. How did a Full Body Cleanse and a Pastor create a miracle? Read more to find out.

Recently Pastor Collins’ wife was in desperate need of a kidney transplant. Naturally, the Pastor offered his own kidney to wife. However, he was informed he wasn’t eligible to donate his kidney because he was overweight (325 lbs.) and considered “too heavy” to donate his kidney safely. From that moment on, Pastor Collins was a man on a mission. He had to lose the weight and fast.



This is where, their CEO A.D. Dolphin, and Steve Harvey come in. Yes, all parties mentioned appeared on The Steve Harvey Show (June 2016). The story of the Pastor losing 130 lbs., to save the life of his wife went national! Using the Full Body Cleanse from, Pastor Collins was able to quickly drop the pounds. Thus, becoming an eligible donor for his wife. offers more than just a Full Body Cleanse, as the TrustPilot review notes. In need of a “20 Day, Herbal Cleanse”? They have it in-stock! They are easily carry the most, in-stock, variety for natural, wellness solutions. Navigating their massive inventory is a “breeze”, thanks to their website’s user-friendly interface. goes perfect with a vegan lifestyle, and on Pinterest they offer vegan raw food tips, for applying this cleanse to your lifestyle.  You can also get a feel for whether or not this program is for you by visiting NewsOne’s breakdown here:

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