A Leader in NYC Executive Search and a Philanthropist Dedicated to Education

Keith Mann is an NYC entrepreneur, but what sets him apart is that he is a philanthropist who is dedicated to seeing the next generation succeed. As a college graduate himself, he has the desire for high school graduates to attend college, especially business school, so the NYC and America stay great. He and his wife Keely Mann have joined with Uncommon Schools to do just that.


Uncommon School system is a charter school for students from low-income homes. The first school was opened in Brooklyn over a decade ago and is designed to equip the students to be ready for college when they graduate. The Uncommon Schools system has expanded, and is now in Massachusettes and New Jersey as well as New York.


The Manns have been active in this growth, and they have made contributions to support the school. In 2013, they donated $10,000 towards the new school in Brooklyn, and when that was completed, they united with other businessmen from DSP and donated $20,000 for testing that is required by the state.


They didn’t stop there, though. This year they created a college scholarship fund for Uncommon Schools’ graduating students and encouraged other entrepreneurs in the city to do the same. The student who wins each year will receive the $5,000 to use towards their college fees.


Founder and CEO


NYC is home for Keith Mann. He graduated from college and began Dynamic Executive Search as managing CEO in 2000. In 2002, he founded the Alternative Investment Practice within DES. Mr. Mann soon realized that there were not adequate services for hedge fund and private equity firms, and in 2009, he started Dynamics Search Partners or DSP to fill the need.


DSP is a premier executive search firm designed and focused on alternative investments agencies, and it quickly rose to the top of the executive search industry. In 2016, DSP annually handles over 200 client placements, and the DSP database has the reputation of being the most extensive in the country.


Keith Mann is an entrepreneur and a philanthropist that is making a positive difference in NYC.

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