November, 2016

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John Goullet’s Accomplishments as an IT Staffing Executive at Diversant LLC

About John Goullet

John Goullet is an experienced entrepreneur behind the development of series of successful IT-related businesses. Currently. Mr. Goullet serves as the Principal of DIVERSANT LLC as well as its board chairman. Mr. Goullet became DIVERSANT’s Principal in 2010 after his IT staffing firm, Info Technologies merged with DIVERSANT Inc., to form DIVERSANT LLC. DIVERSANT LLC is the leading US’ African-American held IT staffing firm certified as a Minority-Owned Business Enterprise (MBE). Over the years, DIVERSANT LLC specializes in IT staffing services and solutions ranging from user design services, IT staff augmentation, contingency needs, and direct hire.


Besides, as MBE, DIVERSANT LLC develops IT staffing programs and offers an array of job opportunities such as database administrators, mobile apps developers, networking managers, creative designers, and project managers. The firm helps businesses recruit the right IT professionals to stand out the pact amid stiff competition for IT professionals. Through rigorous screening and training of IT professionals, DIVERSANT LLC helps IT professionals match with their intended jobs. As such, DIVERSANT meets its clients’ needs by helping them hire the right personnel.


John Goullet graduated from Ursinus College with a Master’s degree in computer science. Mr. Goullet began his professional career as an IT consultant before his way up as an IT staffing officer in 1994. Leveraging his extensive experience in interpreting emerging market trends, Mr. Goullet founded Info Technologies in 1994. Info Technologies embarked on understanding the corporate business environment as well as specific customers’ needs. Mr. Goullet’s firm would provide IT staffing services and solutions to Fortune 500 companies across the United States. While serving as Info Technologies’ President, Mr. Goullet made significant accomplishments. For example, Info Technologies featured twice on Inc. magazine’s list of the fastest thriving IT staffing startups in the United States. During his regime, Mr. Goullet would match his personal drive and work style to provide satisfactory services and solutions to his customers. As such, Info Technologies built a good relationship with its customers as it would help them hire qualified IT professionals with the needed skills. Previously, Mr. Goullet worked as a computer consultant at Bridgewater between 1981 and 1994.

A New Lipstick Line Help Define Lime Crime Cosmetics

The demand for beauty products that fit the vegan mold is extraordinary, and Lime Crime is constantly answering that need. One of the latest offerings by this company is the Liquid Lipstick line. These lipstick varieties offer unique colors, and feature lipstick varieties that meet the strictest standards of safe and ethical cosmetic brands.

Each color in this lipstick line includes the patented Doe Foot applicator and a fashionable unique look. This is one of the incredible beauty-enhancing tools that these innovations offer the modern world of personal beauty and aesthetics. The colors are unlike any in other popular lines, and the ingredients in each lipstick are guaranteed to meet all demands for cosmetics that are produced using cruelty-free and health-conscious methods.

The hallmark of the new Lime Crime Liquid Lipstick line is a look that is strikingly different from other lipstick lines. The colors rely on the natural ability of neutral colors to accentuate every profile. They dry with a vibrant matte appearance, and highlight the contours of every set of lips they cover. These new lipstick colors offer a universe of possibilities and opportunities to accentuate the wearer’s personality.

Saddle Velvetine Liquid Lipstick

This color is an homage to the stunning look of antiquity and western allure. Somehow, rust and an earthy orange has the power to bring out the best in an urban woman.

Thistle Velvetine Liquid Lipstick

This color allows women to wear an incredibly difficult color with confidence. A blue hue has a magical property that gains attention when melded with supple body features.

These two colors are only a prelude to the wide and versatile spectrum of this lipstick line. They represent only a look at what the world of Lime Crime products offer to the modern woman wanting to incorporate safe and ethical beauty products into her personal tool box of beauty aids.

A Leader in NYC Executive Search and a Philanthropist Dedicated to Education

Keith Mann is an NYC entrepreneur, but what sets him apart is that he is a philanthropist who is dedicated to seeing the next generation succeed. As a college graduate himself, he has the desire for high school graduates to attend college, especially business school, so the NYC and America stay great. He and his wife Keely Mann have joined with Uncommon Schools to do just that.


Uncommon School system is a charter school for students from low-income homes. The first school was opened in Brooklyn over a decade ago and is designed to equip the students to be ready for college when they graduate. The Uncommon Schools system has expanded, and is now in Massachusettes and New Jersey as well as New York.


The Manns have been active in this growth, and they have made contributions to support the school. In 2013, they donated $10,000 towards the new school in Brooklyn, and when that was completed, they united with other businessmen from DSP and donated $20,000 for testing that is required by the state.


They didn’t stop there, though. This year they created a college scholarship fund for Uncommon Schools’ graduating students and encouraged other entrepreneurs in the city to do the same. The student who wins each year will receive the $5,000 to use towards their college fees.


Founder and CEO


NYC is home for Keith Mann. He graduated from college and began Dynamic Executive Search as managing CEO in 2000. In 2002, he founded the Alternative Investment Practice within DES. Mr. Mann soon realized that there were not adequate services for hedge fund and private equity firms, and in 2009, he started Dynamics Search Partners or DSP to fill the need.


DSP is a premier executive search firm designed and focused on alternative investments agencies, and it quickly rose to the top of the executive search industry. In 2016, DSP annually handles over 200 client placements, and the DSP database has the reputation of being the most extensive in the country.


Keith Mann is an entrepreneur and a philanthropist that is making a positive difference in NYC.

The Midas Legacy: This Is How Life Should Be Lived

So many people in life have sadly just given up and assumed that the way life is now is how it is always going to be for the rest of their lives. That is not the case, though. There are answers out there and there are solutions. They just need to look for them, pursue them, and find them. If they find the Midas Legacy, they will see a number of solutions that can change their life for the better. That is what they are all about, at the end of the day. This is a company that does not just sit around and talk a big game. They back it up.

One of the main things they focus on is retirement. This should be the best time in a person’s life and if they have The Midas Legacy, it will be, without a shadow of a doubt. They are always there for their clients and they are only a phone call away. Once they get to fully understand and know their clients, they go out of their way to make sure they have a retirement plan set up that is to their liking. They offer advice, suggestions, and sage wisdom.

The thing about The Midas Legacy, though, is they are not going to force something down the throat of a client. They want to make sure that whatever the person decides to do, it was their choice. They might have gotten some wisdom and some pointers from The Midas Legacy, but it is their life and they can live it how they see fit. They are also key for entrepreneurs that are looking to be their own boss. It is a great step and more and more people are doing it these days. They are tired and worn out from the 9-5.

They feel as though they have missed out on a ton of family events and they have also missed out on important times in their own life. Quite frankly, they are tired of it. The Midas Legacy shows them a better way and shows them how life should be lived. They help them with the hiring process and getting everything started out. No one said it was going to be easy or a walk in the park, but with a company like The Midas Legacy out there, they know they are not alone and they are with a company that has the answers.

To Save His Wife, Meant Saving His Life and Pastor Hosea Collins joined forces to save the life of Pastor Collins’ wife. How did a Full Body Cleanse and a Pastor create a miracle? Read more to find out.

Recently Pastor Collins’ wife was in desperate need of a kidney transplant. Naturally, the Pastor offered his own kidney to wife. However, he was informed he wasn’t eligible to donate his kidney because he was overweight (325 lbs.) and considered “too heavy” to donate his kidney safely. From that moment on, Pastor Collins was a man on a mission. He had to lose the weight and fast.



This is where, their CEO A.D. Dolphin, and Steve Harvey come in. Yes, all parties mentioned appeared on The Steve Harvey Show (June 2016). The story of the Pastor losing 130 lbs., to save the life of his wife went national! Using the Full Body Cleanse from, Pastor Collins was able to quickly drop the pounds. Thus, becoming an eligible donor for his wife. offers more than just a Full Body Cleanse, as the TrustPilot review notes. In need of a “20 Day, Herbal Cleanse”? They have it in-stock! They are easily carry the most, in-stock, variety for natural, wellness solutions. Navigating their massive inventory is a “breeze”, thanks to their website’s user-friendly interface. goes perfect with a vegan lifestyle, and on Pinterest they offer vegan raw food tips, for applying this cleanse to your lifestyle.  You can also get a feel for whether or not this program is for you by visiting NewsOne’s breakdown here:

Norka Martinez Luque Inspires Motivation Through Her Brilliant Music Career

Norka Martinez Luque is a Latino Artist, Dancer, singer, actor, and model who has enjoyed great popularity. She stands at a height of 5’7″ and weigh at approximately 160 lbs. She has a curvy build and brown hair and eyes that have seen her become a success in both Photo shoot and Runway modeling. This Venezuelan dreamer who comes with an air of positivity evident in her singing can speak three languages. With a story full of inspiration and motivation Norka Luque has an air of positivity that reflects in her music.

Taking a managerial role at Norka Music Productions LLC, Norka Luque has led a successful music career winning the hearts of a broad fan base. Norka has developed her talent in music from a tender age and has grown to a prolific musician. She has a passion and love for music which is evident in her astounding music career. Norka has won the hearts of many fans due to her positivity in life. Luque uses her music brings hope to people through motivational and positive messages.

Her career has been shaped significantly by the unconditional support her parents gave her as a child. Norka began her musical voice training, piano, ballet and flamenco training as she continued her academic education.

Norka’s educational background paints the picture of a hardworking person with dedication to whatever she does. She studied Business Administration in France and also has degrees in culinary arts as well as Marketing and Fashion. During her education in France, Norka had the opportunity to become a band member and develop her music talent and keep her music ambitions alive. Her professional singing career made a significant development when renowned music producer Emilio Estefan Jr got interested in her work. The talented singer said she was blessed to have this music producer notice her work, which is a dream come true for artists.

Norka has created great tracks such as Milagro with the help of a great team of producers. She has done the song in a combination of reggae, Caribbean, and Mediterranean sound. The beautiful message in the song has also contributed in making the track a recipe for success. Norka believes that despite the changing genres and rhythms of music, the messages preached through music should never change. Luque aims at impacting lives positively through her excellent music talent and inspiring words.

People StyleWatch Collaborates with JustFab to Launch Exclusive Capsule Collection

JustFab the leading e-commerce site for fashion-subscription, combined efforts with People StyleWatch. This is the female millennia’s leading style brand. They have joined forces to launch a capsule collection called People StyleWatch Exclusive for JustFab. The feature the latest footwear this season. They also feature handbags. You can find the exclusive collection on

The People StyleWatch editors have created a collaboration with JustFab to create a great design for more than 25 styles tapping the top trends in spring. They include flirty sandals, embellished flats, and sexy heels coming to you in a wide range of colors, textures, and patterns. Also available are the seven-chic-handbags that come with perforated envelope clutches, bucket styles, and pop colors.

Lisa Arbetter, the People StyleWatch Editor, said that they had created an ultimate bag and shoe wardrobe. There are dozens of styles that suit you at every moment whether you are out at night, or in town with friends. The fashion-owned sensibility of the Peoples StyleWatch provides an exciting foundation for blending design. All members will love the creation of this styles. They will enhance the quality of their lives.

Their key pieces include the embellished espadrille flat Chauncy, the gladiator sandal, the Aramis, the Sasha, and the two-toned prints. The collection has a price of $39 for VIP members.

People StyleWatch, the leading millennial’s media brand, is the source of fashion, celebrity lifestyle, and beauty. It was initially presented as the appropriate extension of People. The company was launched in 2007. It has an audience of over 10.5 million people. The People StyleWatch, across all social media platforms, has more than one million followers.

JustFab was founded in 2010. This is the leading fashion subscription website for e-commerce. It’s a brand for fashion that provides its members with personalized engagement in the shopping experience. Millions of subscribed members all-over-the-world have a monthly celebrity treatment to receive a broad range of shoes, handbags, apparel, and jewelry. They have exclusive access to fashion content and tips. They also access the clickable-outfits to shop for brands. The JustFab team fashion consultant experts look at the most affordable prices for their clients.

They also offer free shipping for commodities bout over the secure internet online payment system. The VIP members that pay $40 at JustFab also get free shipping in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Spain, France, Germany, Denmark, Sweeden, and the Netherlands. According to Don Ressler, JustFab has a prospect to make more than $500 million in profits this year.

NexBank Provides Financial Help To All Individuals and Businesses Nationwide

NexBank SSB announced on Tuesday that it acquired College Savings Bank of New Jersey. With the announcement of the acquisition, it now specializes in the 529 plan college savings programs. There has been no specific information yet on the exact details yet about what their exact intentions are regarding the acquisition.

The diversified financial services that Nexbank offers, allows for customers to receive financial help across the country specializes in three fundamental core business practices. The 3 areas where they specialize are; commercial banking, mortgage banking and investment banking.

The CEO of NexBank Capital Inc is John Holt which is founding president and Ceo. They have specialized in college savings accounts since 1989. They are based in Dallas, Texas.

A charter which dates back to 1922 amongst the company is what has provided the company with a proven track record in which success has been seen. There are customized and tailored solutions which is unrivaled access to sophisticated solutions to a number of financial dilemmas that is easily handled with the help of the NexBank corporation.

Through the leadership and commitment of the banking institution, many years of hardwork and dedication is what has lead this institution to prospering for many years and with any luck, many more years to come. They serve people all over the country and helps out various clients, corporations and individuals.

Find Out Vlogger Wengie’s Top Ten Essential Makeup Hacks

Wengie, famous Australian beauty and lifestyle vlogger, shares here top ten essential makeup hacks in one of her signature hack videos.


Of course, her video follows her usual format in list form after beginning with a short intro in which she talks to her fans and encourages new folks to follow along, but as soon as she’s done with that, she launches into her top ten makeup hacks.


She starts with primer and suggests that this is an essential step to any makeup routine. She quickly moves on to foundation next and breaks down a few methods of applying. First, she uses her fingers and uses downward strokes to make sure she doesn’t brush upward any little hairs. She also demonstrates a beauty blender and reminds her viewers that wetting the sponge first will save a lot of product.


At number eight, Wengie talks concealer. During this hack she uses not one but two shades of concealer, a slightly lighter one and a slightly darker one, and of course, she explains how to use them properly and shows a side-by-side comparison of her face using just one shade and her face after the hack.


She finishes up her face products by discussing powder, which she does not use very much of due to her dry face skin. Wengie only applies powder to her T zone and suggests that her viewers only use powder where necessary on their face instead of all over.


Wengie moves on to her eye makeup next, starting with her eyebrows, which she says are the most important aspect of a makeup routine. She shows two methods for doing her brows: one, a lifting effect and two, a youthful effect.


To achieve the first effect, she suggests focusing on the top part of the arch and adding a highlight above. For the youthful effect, she demonstrates an opposite technique and goes below the brow.


Wengie shares four more hacks in her video, including eyeliner, mascara, lips, and a very detailed face chart for different blush effects.

Jason Hope: Scottsdale, Arizona Entrepreneur and Forward-Thinking Philanthropist

Entrepreneurial people usually are passionate about their businesses. Their high level of motivation, caring, and commitment also transcends their success in the world of business and becomes part of their philosophy of living. One area where successful people are usually eager to get involved is in philanthropy. Personal achievement seems to create a desire to give back and help others, to share with those less fortunate or the world in general.

Jason Hope, an entrepreneur from Scottsdale, Arizona, is a perfect example of the businessman who is willing to reach into his wallet to help worthy causes. Two of Jason’s passions are education and health. For example, in the summer of 2010, Mr. Hope became involved with the International Foundation for Education and Self Help’s (IFESH). He became an IFESH Ambassador and worked to support education, health, and good governance throughout Africa.

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In addition to becoming an IFESH ambassador Jason also regularly donates to the Arizona-based foundation and he has traveled to Africa as part of a group of volunteer educators. The goal is to help African nations eradicate poverty, disease, and inequality. Mr. Hope shares IFESH’s belief that education is the foundation upon which nations can build economic, social, and health reform. Literacy leads to knowledge and knowledge leads to reform success.

IFESH is not the only organization Jason Hope donates to. He also has a close relationship with the SENS Foundation. SENS is an organization that studies rejuvenation biotechnology. Their goal is to develop methods of preventing debilitating diseases caused by the process of aging. SENS believes by preventing the damage done by aging will stop things like Alzheimer’s or heart disease before they occur. Preventing these horrible illnesses will allow people to enjoy a better quality of life for much longer.


Jason Hope is an Arizona native. His family lived in Tempe. His college days included; first, earning a degree in finance from Arizona State University and going on to receive and MBA from the W.P. Carey School of Business. Jason is a true renascence man because business and philanthropy are only two of his interests. He is also a well-known and respected futurist and believes enthusiastically that technology like the Internet of Things will change the world in a positive way.