Lovaganza – Uniting the World through Bohemian Adventure

For those of you who are fans of Bohemian adventure, Lovaganza is not a new name. Lovaganza, an entertainment company with a humanitarian mission, has been taking its fans on Bohemian adventures since its inception in 2012. The biggest treat, however, is yet to come.

Lovaganza has planned a massive celebration of the world’s cultures, which will last from May to September 2020. The aim of this celebration is to discover the different cultures of the earth, and find out what unites them and makes them unique. Initially planned for 2015, this showcase moved forward to 2020 to allow for the use of new and cutting-edge entertainment technology.

In the years preceding the celebration, Lovaganza plans to put a Traveling Show and Caravan on the road starting in 2017. This show will not only promote the celebrations but also give the public a chance to sample Lovaganza’s cinematic glasses-free 3D experience.

The audiences will also be the first to experience Immerscope, an entirely new form of immersive entertainment, at the Lovaganza Traveling Show and Caravan. The combination of the Superwide 180 degree glasses and the 3D wraparound screen in the cinema pavilions are bound to have people talking about their experience for a long time. Those who attend the celebrations at the eight primary locations around the globe are sure to have the time of their lives.

What will the audience watch on these screens, apart from shows, attractions, and exhibitions? Lovaganza has prepared a treat in the form of the Lovaganza Convoy, a trilogy that takes the Bohemian adventure to the next level. The three motion pictures on Behance.net, titled “Follow Your Sunshine,” “The Prophecy” and “The New World,” are sure to take those watching on a memorable ride through action, mystery, suspense, romance, and comedy. The public will have the opportunity to sample these films at the Caravans and the final event, using the 3D immersive experience as well as in standard theaters.

The Lovaganza Convoy will set the stage for the final celebration, by whetting the appetites of bohemian movie lovers and enticing them to take part in the final celebrations. The culmination of this celebration will be a “Hands Across the World” ceremony, uniting all people and cultures across the globe.

Bohemian adventure on Instagram delivered through immersive entertainment is the medium that Lovaganza has given us as citizens of the world to become one. Let us make use of it, and enjoy the adventure together.

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