Moore AC to join the Goettl family

Goettl AC has acquired Moore AC, so they are able to add the 300 plus years of experience that Moore AC has. Ken Goodrich is excited about the acquisition of Moore AC, saying it will allow them to continue to bring quality air conditioning services to Las Vegas. With this new acquisition of Moore, they are continuing to become the central provider of air conditioning services in Las Vegas. They are planning to grow 50% in 2017 with an additional 100 employees.

Goodrich wants to ensure that he finds the most qualified and educated talent, so he is sourcing them through the College of Southern Nevada air condition technology program. Goodrich created an endowment for veterans to receive their education and a starting kit for tools. Bill Moore, president of Moore AC, said they look forward to working with Goettl in their continued effort to bring top quality cooling services to Las Vegas area.

Goodrich was excited and honored to acquire Goettl AC. He remembers the late night calls, holding the flashlight for his father on late night calls. He wanted to keep that same spirit of Goettl with making sure to helps customers at any time day or night. Goettl AC is a provider of cooling services in the Las Vegas area since 1939. They left in 2007, but came back in 2013 when Goodrich brought them back to the area.

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