Michael Zomber’s Passion For Learning About The History Of Different Cultures

Michael Zomber is a prominent antique arm collector, author and a filmmaker. He was born in Washington D.C. The accomplished historian holds bachelor’s degrees with honors in Psychology and English literature. He also has a master’s degree in English literature from UCLA. Together with his wife, Michael has two children. His deep passion to safeguard the past has seen him collect guns of the orient, guns of the famous, dueling pistols, shot guns, million dollar guns and automatic pistols for more than 40 years. Zomber also appears as a guest historian on Tales of the Gun series due to his extensive experience with antique arms and armor.

Apart from his love for antique weapons, Michael Zomber is a renowned author of screen plays and historical novels. The illustrious author’s work include Shogun Iemitsu, Sweet Betsy That’s Me: A child of the Civil War, and Jesus and the Samurai. Others include A Son of Kentucky and Park Avenue. Shogun Iemitsu is a war and romance novel discussing about the 17th century in Japan. The novel is about two young samurai. Jesus and the Samurai novel use original sources to connect early Christianity and development of traditional Samurai virtues. Sweet Betsy That’s me is a historical tale about a young girl on the farm in Western Kentucky. She recreates the day her father comes home wounded from the civil war. It was his first novel to be published.

As a filmmaker, Michael Zomber is known for screen plays like La Cucaracha, Deep Sea Diving and the acclaimed Soul of the Samurai. Critics applauded la Cucaracha. It was awarded the best picture at the Austin Film Festival. Soul of the Samurai is a documentary about six young people from America, Russia, Korea, Japan and china. Brought together by their commitment to Zen Buddhism and Samurai culture, they use Schwarzens child’s radius to breach the space just to become masters of the past and the present. It highlights their journey into Newtonian and Einstein’s physics. Michael Zomber enhances the historical authenticity in this film by incorporating talented artists and Samurai masters and extensive research.  Be sure to check out Michael on Facebook.

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