An In-Depth Look Into The Investment Portfolio Of Don Ressler

Don Ressler is the brain behind the formation of several successful start-ups, including FitnessHeaven, Intelligent Beauty and other subsidiaries. His first start-up was which he sold out to Intermix Media in 2001. Don Ressler joined Adam Goldenberg and formed Alena Media, which turned out successful.

Alena was an e-commerce and advertising company and in the period Don Ressler managed the company, they were able to rake in millions in revenue. This was until 2005 when Intermix acquired the company and what followed was a series of disappointments because the new management was apparently not well positioned to cater for the needs of customers.

During their usual interactions, Don Ressler and his friend Goldenberg formed Intelligent Beauty. The company is one of the successes the duo celebrates and at its peak in 2010, they launched a third company, JustFab. JustFab is an online subscription retailer that stocks fashion items. Some of the items sold on the platform include shoes, handbags, denim and jewelry. It offers a personalized experience and the system is designed to allow members to choose their preferences.

In 2011, JustFab was issued with a loan of $33 million by Matrix Partners to finance the marketing and expansion of the business. In 2012, the company took additional $76 million from the same financier, Rho Ventures and Technology Crossover Ventures at All these resources were channeled to the expansion of the company’s operations to acquire an international stature, so JustFab began by venturing into the UK, Canada and Germany.

FabKids existed as a separate entity and there was no relationship between the company and JustFab, although the names sound similar. JustFab acquired Fabkids in 2013 and decided it would be run as a separate business with its own configuration. FabKids is also a subscription online store that offers deals on kids’ fashion.

JustFab has developed over the years through the leadership of Don Ressler, who has always held the idea that going international is possible with gradual implementation. The company has continued to invest and seek finding to expand its addressable market over the years. In 2014, it closed a round of funding amounting to $85 million, which included Crossover Ventures, Matrix Partners and Shining Capital.

Member subscription
To deliver a more personalized experience, JustFab allows a subscription service that is valued at $39.95 monthly. The payment is automatically conferred once one makes a purchase and during the registration process, you are requested to fill a survey to help the company collect data about your preferences. Through this information, you will be given offers every month that match what you like.

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