August, 2016

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Goettl Air: Giving Back To The Community

Recently, I came across an online article on The Las Vegas It was a heart-warming story about how some home improvement specialists united to help a senior citizen in need. When 94- year-old Jean Jackson’s air conditioning went out during the scorching summer heat of Las Vegas, she knew that her life was in danger, says the article.

Goettl Air Conditioning and The Sunny Plumber: Good Deed Brings Cool Relief

I read that Jackson’s little window units were too old to be fixed. She has lived in the same trailer for over 30 years. If she were to get new air conditioners, her trailer would have to be rewired. That is almost impossible to pay for since she lives on a meager Social Security income, says the article.


The article talks about how dangerous the summer heat can be in Los Vegas. It can be especially difficult for the elderly. I read the quote from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that talked about younger people having the ability to brave the heat better than older ones. Seniors often have medical conditions that exacerbate the situation, says the article.


This is not the first time that Jackson has experienced problems with the heat. According to the article, she has been hospitalized for heatstroke when her air conditioning went out in the past. Jackson wanted to live in her own home and did not want to go into a nursing home.


Fortunately, Goettl Air Conditioning and Sunny Plumber stepped in to help. Owner Ken Goodrich got Jackson’s contact information through the Clark County Social Service Department, says the article. In his quote, Goodrich says that it is the responsibility of all businesses to give back to those in need in the community. That is why his company decided to help Jackson.


They fixed her water line and put in a modern central air unit that would provide comfortable temperatures all year. I was surprised to see that if she had to pay for these services, she would have had to pay nearly $14,000. That is probably as much as what she made a year with her fixed income. Jackson says that Goettl Air Conditioning, Daikin-Goodman Global, and Sunny Plumber were a “Godsend”.


Gust and Adam Goettl started Goettl Air Conditioning in 1939. The company has been serving the Las Vegas area since 1968. They offer customers repair to residential heating and air conditioning. They also sell new units and maintain them. Their friendly and knowledgeable technicians are thoroughly screened and have continuous training in the HVAC industry.

Marc Sparks story of social innovation

When he was launching Spark Tank, Marc observed the social deficiency of entrepreneurship. He noted that profit-driven companies showed more desire and more initiative to innovate. But non-profits tended to use the same old and boring methods.

Marc Sparks expressed his desire see non-profits do as well as the mainstream businesses. One of the problems with non-profits is their inability to attract top leadership. Mentoring young, intelligent leadership is entrepreneurship always focuses on the ability to make money. The commercial interest excludes charitable organizations and entrepreneurs. Read more: Marc Sparks | Facebook

Apart from that, lack of communication skills of presentation and expression is undoing many worthy causes. Through the Spark Tank challenge, it is about tour ability to present a viable idea. Apart from having a good idea, showing that it is working, and backing your mission with an ability to share this information with conviction is required.

Marc Sparks has not had it easy in life. He has worked his ground up in various ventures. His major interests are insurance, entrepreneurship, and banking. But above all, he always feels that if you are not ready to accept that you should always strive to be better, you are not willing to take the ultimate challenges that make people successful. He sees opportunities in giving and argues that when one wants to have it easy, he can always quit. Otherwise, you should always strive to make something out of every situation.

Some of the organizations that have showcased their services at the Spark Tank include Mommies in Need, House of Eli, and Families for Freedom. Mommies in Need offers professional nannies to needy families especially those that have moms with cancer. The service is free. Women under cancer medication are not advised to mingle with small children; this makes it hard for young moms to take care of their young kids.

Spark Tank honored Mommies in Need with a $5,000 grant that will be used to pay wages for nannies. It is the second time that Marc is giving this award. While bestowing the honor to the founder of Mommies in need, Mr. Spark said it is such worthy causes that require recognition. On the other hand, Mrs. Natalie Boyle was happy to receive the grant on behalf of the needy mothers out there who will benefit from the funds.

Spark Tank will continue to support the social innovation challenge and hopes to encourage more organizations to take the challenge from the numerous organizations that are showing real innovative consciousness in bringing social impact in the society.

Even service to the community must demonstrate enthusiasm and energy for it to generate the intended level of positivism. According to GoodReads, Marc Spark is always a panelist, and he encourages more people to think about scaling the ropes of charity, a notch higher every time.

Get Help Preparing For College

In a recent article from PRN News NexBank was named as the new owner and operators of College Savings Bank in New Jersey. They’re now responsible for processing thousands of students accounts. The deal was reported complete for an undisclosed amount of money. College Bank once specialized in over 529+ college saving opportunities that will now be the responsibility of Dallas based NexBank. CEO and President of NexBank, John Holt says College Bank will keep its name and branding, but be ran under the NexBank name. NexBank says this is a winning transaction for everyone involved. Students will still have the option to save money for college.

NexBank Acquires College Savings Bank

NexBank is a great online bank that offers many features to thousands of loyal customers at this time. They invite new members to the many features available that will offer them time and money saving strategies. They service their customers through the core basis of their services. They have several reliable features that will work for you. You won’t be disappointed by the services that they offer to their members and you will love their around the clock services that offer you the features that you need. You’ll get award winning leadership and always have a friendly professional standing by to assist you 24 hours a day.

Features Offered By NexBank

– Free checks
– Mortgage Accounts
– IRA’s
– Money making accounts
– Online Bill Pay

There are a number of features that are designed to help you maximize your finances. You don’t have to worry about being able to save money and take your financial future in your own hands. NexBank is proudly serving thousands of people each year and they are ready to serve you. Visit the NexBank website to open your account or for details right away.

An In-Depth Look Into The Investment Portfolio Of Don Ressler

Don Ressler is the brain behind the formation of several successful start-ups, including FitnessHeaven, Intelligent Beauty and other subsidiaries. His first start-up was which he sold out to Intermix Media in 2001. Don Ressler joined Adam Goldenberg and formed Alena Media, which turned out successful.

Alena was an e-commerce and advertising company and in the period Don Ressler managed the company, they were able to rake in millions in revenue. This was until 2005 when Intermix acquired the company and what followed was a series of disappointments because the new management was apparently not well positioned to cater for the needs of customers.

During their usual interactions, Don Ressler and his friend Goldenberg formed Intelligent Beauty. The company is one of the successes the duo celebrates and at its peak in 2010, they launched a third company, JustFab. JustFab is an online subscription retailer that stocks fashion items. Some of the items sold on the platform include shoes, handbags, denim and jewelry. It offers a personalized experience and the system is designed to allow members to choose their preferences.

In 2011, JustFab was issued with a loan of $33 million by Matrix Partners to finance the marketing and expansion of the business. In 2012, the company took additional $76 million from the same financier, Rho Ventures and Technology Crossover Ventures at All these resources were channeled to the expansion of the company’s operations to acquire an international stature, so JustFab began by venturing into the UK, Canada and Germany.

FabKids existed as a separate entity and there was no relationship between the company and JustFab, although the names sound similar. JustFab acquired Fabkids in 2013 and decided it would be run as a separate business with its own configuration. FabKids is also a subscription online store that offers deals on kids’ fashion.

JustFab has developed over the years through the leadership of Don Ressler, who has always held the idea that going international is possible with gradual implementation. The company has continued to invest and seek finding to expand its addressable market over the years. In 2014, it closed a round of funding amounting to $85 million, which included Crossover Ventures, Matrix Partners and Shining Capital.

Member subscription
To deliver a more personalized experience, JustFab allows a subscription service that is valued at $39.95 monthly. The payment is automatically conferred once one makes a purchase and during the registration process, you are requested to fill a survey to help the company collect data about your preferences. Through this information, you will be given offers every month that match what you like.

Michael Zomber’s Passion For Learning About The History Of Different Cultures

Michael Zomber is a prominent antique arm collector, author and a filmmaker. He was born in Washington D.C. The accomplished historian holds bachelor’s degrees with honors in Psychology and English literature. He also has a master’s degree in English literature from UCLA. Together with his wife, Michael has two children. His deep passion to safeguard the past has seen him collect guns of the orient, guns of the famous, dueling pistols, shot guns, million dollar guns and automatic pistols for more than 40 years. Zomber also appears as a guest historian on Tales of the Gun series due to his extensive experience with antique arms and armor.

Apart from his love for antique weapons, Michael Zomber is a renowned author of screen plays and historical novels. The illustrious author’s work include Shogun Iemitsu, Sweet Betsy That’s Me: A child of the Civil War, and Jesus and the Samurai. Others include A Son of Kentucky and Park Avenue. Shogun Iemitsu is a war and romance novel discussing about the 17th century in Japan. The novel is about two young samurai. Jesus and the Samurai novel use original sources to connect early Christianity and development of traditional Samurai virtues. Sweet Betsy That’s me is a historical tale about a young girl on the farm in Western Kentucky. She recreates the day her father comes home wounded from the civil war. It was his first novel to be published.

As a filmmaker, Michael Zomber is known for screen plays like La Cucaracha, Deep Sea Diving and the acclaimed Soul of the Samurai. Critics applauded la Cucaracha. It was awarded the best picture at the Austin Film Festival. Soul of the Samurai is a documentary about six young people from America, Russia, Korea, Japan and china. Brought together by their commitment to Zen Buddhism and Samurai culture, they use Schwarzens child’s radius to breach the space just to become masters of the past and the present. It highlights their journey into Newtonian and Einstein’s physics. Michael Zomber enhances the historical authenticity in this film by incorporating talented artists and Samurai masters and extensive research.  Be sure to check out Michael on Facebook.

George Soros and the US Money Reserve Rewarded with Telly Award

The US Money Reserve was recently rewarded with the bronze medal for the thirty-seventh Telly Awards. They were awarded this honor from their piece: Philip Diehl IRA. The gold IRA allows exemplary IRA and 401K plans to turn money into gold precious metal IRAs instead. This allows people to have savings funds without an tax on their savings. It is an excellent way to safeguard your savings.

The Telly council who decides on who should win, are all past winners. Each winner is some of the best advertisers, producers, video departments and television services. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

What are the Telly Awards Exactly?

The Telly Awards have been around since they were founded in 1979. They recognize the best local, cable, regional commercials, programs and productions. World wide web commercials, videos and ads are additionally up for Telly Awards. If you want to see a list of the Telly Award winners who represent some of the best examples of “telly” work, you can access it on the Telly Awards website. Their website is: “”.

What does the US Money Reserve do Precisely?

Simply put the US Money Reserve distributes gold, silver and platinum. The company is one of the largest distributers of precious metals in the world. Most of the precious metals come in the form of US coins that are made of gold and silver.

There are a staggering number of people who use the US Money Reserve to keep their savings safe and tax free. There are an estimated hundreds of thousands of people who use the US Money Reserve to acquire gold, silver and platinum to keep their savings safe in the form of precious metals.

To get some precious metals of your own you can visit the US Money Reserve website to see your options. The US Money Reserve’s website is found at the following link: “”.

Read more: U.S. Money Reserve Wins At 2016 Telly Awards

CEO of Securus Technologies Stands Against the Corruption in his Industry

Some private companies that provide telecommunication services to U.S. prisons are known to charge higher call rates to inmates and their families. Considering that some of the inmate families spend nearly one-third of their monthly income to pay charges of these telephone companies, high call charges remains a controversial issues. However, it hurts to know that few companies in the industry were deliberately extorting money from the struggling families of prisoners by implanting illegal devices in the prison communication hardware.

Global Tel Link, one of the largest companies contracted by U.S. prisons was involved in such obnoxious practices when it was contracted by the Louisiana Department of Corrections. According to a recently published report, Order No. U-20784-B by the Louisiana Public Service Commission, highlights gross misconduct by GTL on multiple accounts. Luckily, there are honest individuals who are fighting against such practices. For instance, the CEO of Securus Technologies, Richard A. Smith, has published the report regarding GTL on its website to raise public awareness on such matters. In the next few months, Securus Technologies will also publish various other reports on its website. According to Richard, the purpose of releasing the official verdicts is to shame companies in behaving appropriately.

The content of the official verdict by Louisiana Public Service Commission is alarming as it details how the management of GTL implanted devices in the hardware to extend phone call charges. In addition, GTL also violated the law by over-charging such calls beyond the legal rates. If it wasn’t enough, various add-on marketing gimmicks helped the company to make calls even longer. Results showed that GTL extracted nearly $1,243,000 from families of inmates. Hopefully, additional reports on the website will shed light into the matter, which mostly remains hidden from the media coverage. To read complete details of the verdict, you may visit the website of Securus Technologies.

Securus Video Visitation – Homework from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.