Spotlight on the Lovaganza Foundation

The dream of the Lovaganza foundation’s founders, J.F. Gagnon and Genevieve Gagnon, was to start a foundation that will be the mother of all foundations. This foundation seeks to bring a quality of life that is universal to all humanity as its mandate. The foundation believes that it can be capable of achieving this feat by uniting, inspiring and empowering organizations and kindred foundations that are present in the world and those of a similar opinion and goals. Lovaganza that working together as a team would make it possible for the achievement of the first Lovaganza Foundation historic milestone; the universal quality of life to be enjoyed by every child in the universe and between ages of 0 to 15 years by the year 2035.

Lovaganza has proposed some initial goals that it will tackle at the start and they will go on evolving with the progression of the Foundation. The first goal will be for all children to access clean drinking water, goal 2 is on access to sufficient food and goal 3 is access to clothing and a place to sleep. Goal 4 is on access to basic healthcare, all vaccines included, goal 5 is on access to basic education and lastly goal 6 touches on safety for all children. Goal number 6 seeks to take the children completely from war equations, child marriage and child labor.

In the coming years, the different foundation headquarters from each continent or Lovaganza headquarters will research and study the situations of the children in every part of the world. It is important for the organization to understand where it is as regards to the above goals in order for it to better propose what ought to be done to ensure the first milestone is achieved.

The Plan

The plan towards the achievement of this first milestone is by first of all researching in various countries on the quality of life that children lead which will start in 2016. The results will be exhibited through documentaries to showcase the solutions as well as observations. By 2018 the foundation seeks to have partnered with about 10 or so of the worldwide organizations that will be willing to embrace the first milestone as their goals. 2020 will see Lovaganza soliciting nations to commit officially to the first milestone goals. 2022 will see all the goals achieved by every nation and Lovaganza Foundation centers will monitor this progress. By 2025, the foundation believes it will be supported by all nations and a worldwide treaty will be made official.

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