Securus discovers GTL’s horrible business practices

Securus is one of the leading prison communications companies in the country. The company has proudly provided prisoners with access to phones for years. Securus boasts an A+ rating from the BBB. Securus strongly believes in operating their business with integrating. They work closely with prisoners, prison officials, and state governments to ensure that all parts are served in the best way possible. Securus cannot imagine misusing their power and authority, but unfortunately, they recently discovered that some companies do not hold themselves to the same standard.

Securus has closely followed the actions of their competitor, GTL, for several years, and they were disappointed to discover that GTL was purposefully deceiving the public. It quickly became clear to Securus that GTL only cared about their profits and they were willing to manipulate prisoners, prison officials, and government officials to get what they wanted. Securus decided to fully investigate GTL and to release regular press releases on GTL’s actions.


Securus recently announced their first press release, and it is truly shocking. Securus had investigated GTL’s actions throughout a prison in Lousiana and the committed several misdeeds. According to PR Newswire, GTL purposely overcharged prisoners multiple times. They would add extra seconds to phone calls and charge more than their posted rate. GTL also occasionally double charged people. These practices lead to small increased profits on each call, but over time this deception really added up. Securus calculated the extra profits that GTL received, and the results were shocking. GTL managed to get an extra million dollars from the people of Lousiana through their deceitful business practices. By acting only in their self-interest GTL managed to harm prisoners, their loved ones, taxpayers, and government officials.

The prisons communications industry relies on companies being honest and focusing on the needs of the consumer. GTL has violated the public trust, and prisons should turn to Securus.

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