Sam Tabar on How to Save for Retirement

When the festive holiday is about to end and the year about to end, most people begin to formulate their New Year’s Resolves. Although common resolutions like breaking bad habits and shedding some few pounds exist, nowadays, Americans are completing serious resolutions like investing for retirement. According to the findings of U.S. News and World Report, an ordinary American will require between 75 and 80 percent of his or her current income to sustain his or her current lifestyle during the retirement period.

Tips on saving for retirement by Sam Tabar

Sam Tabar has a comprehensive knowledge of the commodity investment topic. However, he advises prospective investors to understand the ins and outs of commodity investments before investing in them. Commodity investments are unpredictable and experience price fluctuation, hence carrying out intensive research before investing in them is advisable. Tabar emphasizes the importance of diversifying commodity portfolios to deal with price volatility. Tabar has witnessed many investors in invest in high priced commodities only for their price to go down the next day.

Retirement investments

According to Tabar, making retirement investments does not necessarily mean trading in commodities or investing in mutual funds. Prospective investors can invest in social conscious firms that are launched at a surprising rate. He gives a hint of Grameen Bank, which offers microloans to needy small business owners across Southeast Asia. This trend is growing in America and across the globe. Tabar is speaking from both a professional and practical angle since he is an investor in one of the socially conscious firm, THINX that creates “period panties.” The period panties are classic panties designed to address fashion needs of women specifically throughout their menstrual period.

THINX donates seven sanitary pads to women in African developing nations for each pair of panties it sells. The donations are made through the AFRIpads. THINX’s donations enable young women to go to school even when they are menstruating. Without the pads, many young women are forced to remain at home one week every month.
Investing in commodity trading and social entrepreneurship is just a hint of the many ways Americans can save for retirement. Tabar advises prospective investors to take their resolutions seriously. He believes the journey to success begins with a single step.

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