June, 2016

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Better Reputation Supports Those Suffering From An Online Crisis

A good reputation can take a person and a business far. A reputation speaks many things. Character, honesty, loyalty, and integrity are all those positive traits a good reputation is known to embody. The second a reputation is marred or harmed by external forces, things can go bad and do so very quickly. A business finds its coffers depleted. A person may find previously solid relationships strained. This is why it is so important to always try and keep a reputation as pristine as possible. With the internet, this is not always possible.

A popular blog or social media page can wreck a reputation. One post could reach tens of thousands of people. A series of posts presented in the search engines can all do massive harm. Again, this is a terrible thing people have to deal with today. Imagine making one mistake and getting arrested. The arrest is reported on several social media pages and published in online articles. A few months later, the charges are dismissed because they had zero merit. Yet, the original news reports remain published and continue to haunt someone who is perpetually labeled guilty.

These things do happen. Mercifully, a solution exists to help such individuals. Online reputation management (ORM) services are available to perform the necessary “reconstructive surgery” to help get a name back into the good graces of the public. At the very least, the service will work to downplay or overwhelm bad content with new content that casts its subject in a better light.

Online reputation management firms are relatively new businesses on the digital marketing landscape, but they employ a number of traditional functions. Search engine optimization, public affairs and relations, and promotional blogging are a few of the methods employed. This time, instead of directly marketing a brand or product, the work is done to help a reputation.

Better Reputation is a solid new service that wants to help people suffering from an online crisis to get their positive name restored. The company knows one bad day or misdeed can unfairly tarnish someone. Through working with Better Reputation, those problems could be addressed and fixed.

Recapped http://www.businessnewsdaily.com/7869-choosing-a-reputation-management-service.html

White Shark Media’s Road To A More Client-Centric Approach

Developing a client-centric approach isn’t possible without making a few mistakes. White Shark Media is learning what customers want from complaints and then adopting new processes to move forward.

Ignoring constructive complaints is one of the worst things that a company can do if they want to improve their service, especially when so many consumers base their buying decision on online reviews. White Shark Media is committed to being responsive to customer concerns and improving their service accordingly.

In the past, White Shark Media‘s clients felt that they didn’t know what was going on with the AdWord’s campaign. The firm realized that their valued clients were not getting reports that would answer their questions; therefore, new reporting methods were put in place and White Shark Media made sure that their clients understood how to read the reports.

If clients still have questions, they have a direct line to their SEM strategist, and if the contact person isn’t in, clients can speak to their supervisor. This is working out much better than having all calls go to the receptionist.

Companies often don’t realize how frustrated people feel when they cannot get a hold of the person assigned to their account right away, but White Shark Media decided on a client-centric approach by making communication easier for their clients. Learn more about White Shark Media Complaints: http://blog.whitesharkmedia.com/typical-complaints-from-white-shark-media-clients-and-how-we-make-sure-they-never-happen-again

As another means of improving communications, White Shark Media schedules monthly online conferences between clients and their SEM strategist using GoToMeeting. This gives the client an opportunity to go through their monthly report with their strategist and ask questions about any item they do not understand.

White Shark Media also started creating brand-new AdWords accounts for clients, except when the client’s existing campaign was performing well. Now clients have a choice; they can continue to use their existing account if they choose to.

Nothing White Shark Media Complaints did in the past was different than what other SEM Management firms did; however, White Shark Media decided that if the clients were unhappy with a system, they would change it. That is how good companies become great companies.

Kate Hudson’s Stylish Yet Comfortable Active Wear

Comfortable clothing can be frustrating. It just feels so good. Actress Kate Hudson understands that people love comfortable attire. That’s why she’s coming out with a new collection of attractive athleisure dresses. These dresses are part of her active wear brand Fabeltics, with stores opening soon. Hudson chatted with MarieClaire.com about the introduction of these dresses. She said that her athleisure dresses are suitable for all varieties of events, from meals to dates and beyond.

She didn’t only talk about her athleisure dresses, either. She also talked about Fabletics’ swimsuits. Hudson indicated that Fabletics’ bathing suits are intended for individuals who enjoy activity. She also said that the majority of Fabletics’ bathing suits are centered around performance. Hudson discussed the fact that Fabletics aims to offer people clothing that is protective yet simultaneously attractive and appealing.

Fabletics is a brand that concentrates on workout apparel and active wear. It was created in 2010 by Hudson, Don Ressler and finally, Adam Goldenberg. The objective of Fabletics is to provide people with many choices in tee-shirts, joggers, leggings and yoga pants, for example. Fabletics accommodates the fashion needs of women and men.


Source: http://www.fabletics.com/

People who are deeply interested in personalized fashion recommendations may be intrigued by Fabletics. That’s because the brand specializes in customized fashion tips for its members. People who sign up for Fabletics can provide the brand with basic information regarding their size and fashion “wants.” They can then receive helpful tips that can be beneficial for all of their upcoming fashion choices. If an individual loves fashion and feeling comfortable but loathes spending hours shopping and thinking about what to buy, Fabletics may be extremely useful to him or her.

The options in clothing that Fabletics offers are beyond abundant. People can create many outfits simply by going through Fabletics’ latest choices. They can buy outfits that are perfect for visits to the local fitness center. They can buy outfits that are perfect for quick grocery shopping sessions. They can buy outfits that are perfect for spending a bit of time around the house preparing meals and cleaning as well. Some examples of clothing options that are available at Fabletics include capris, sports bras, reversible T-shirts and sleeveless hoodies. People can rely on Fabletics for all sorts of fashion needs.


Visit: http://www.bustle.com/articles/152217-when-do-fabletics-dresses-come-out-shop-these-athleisure-styles-stat-photos

It isn’t tough at all for people to begin receiving helpful fashion tips from Fabletics. They can begin by filling out quick forms that ask questions about their gender, preferred activities (whether running, yoga, cycling or gym sessions), preferred exercise locations, preferred colors, specific body type and size. Once they’ve given Fabletics all of the requested details, they can get on the path to high-quality fashion suggestions straight from the minds of active wear gurus.

Sam Tabar on How to Save for Retirement

When the festive holiday is about to end and the year about to end, most people begin to formulate their New Year’s Resolves. Although common resolutions like breaking bad habits and shedding some few pounds exist, nowadays, Americans are completing serious resolutions like investing for retirement. According to the findings of U.S. News and World Report, an ordinary American will require between 75 and 80 percent of his or her current income to sustain his or her current lifestyle during the retirement period.

Tips on saving for retirement by Sam Tabar

Sam Tabar has a comprehensive knowledge of the commodity investment topic. However, he advises prospective investors to understand the ins and outs of commodity investments before investing in them. Commodity investments are unpredictable and experience price fluctuation, hence carrying out intensive research before investing in them is advisable. Tabar emphasizes the importance of diversifying commodity portfolios to deal with price volatility. Tabar has witnessed many investors in invest in high priced commodities only for their price to go down the next day.

Retirement investments

According to Tabar, making retirement investments does not necessarily mean trading in commodities or investing in mutual funds. Prospective investors can invest in social conscious firms that are launched at a surprising rate. He gives a hint of Grameen Bank, which offers microloans to needy small business owners across Southeast Asia. This trend is growing in America and across the globe. Tabar is speaking from both a professional and practical angle since he is an investor in one of the socially conscious firm, THINX that creates “period panties.” The period panties are classic panties designed to address fashion needs of women specifically throughout their menstrual period.

THINX donates seven sanitary pads to women in African developing nations for each pair of panties it sells. The donations are made through the AFRIpads. THINX’s donations enable young women to go to school even when they are menstruating. Without the pads, many young women are forced to remain at home one week every month.
Investing in commodity trading and social entrepreneurship is just a hint of the many ways Americans can save for retirement. Tabar advises prospective investors to take their resolutions seriously. He believes the journey to success begins with a single step.

Take On The Summer With Great Looks From JustFab

The summer can bring about a state that is so uncomfortable that many choose to wear very little during the summer days. Even during the night time in the summer, it can be warm, so those who want to be prepared for the summer will want to find summer clothes that can help them get through the warm days and nights. JustFab is a website that is available for those ladies who wants to stand out from the crowd in the summertime and look great but still be fashionable as well. Many have the thought that they have to pay a lot of money to be fashionable, but JustFab has changed this misconception completely.

Putting together a summer wardrobe doesn’t have to be expensive, and the wardrobe can still have all the fashion flair that many people will see in the magazines these days. Becoming a member of the JustFab website can help you to find the clothing and shoes that you desire, and don’t forget that you can also purchase handbags and jewelry as well through the JustFab website. Going to the JustFab website is how to get started when you want to make your purchase. You can choose to sign up as a member of the website, which only costs $39.95.

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Did You Know that Just Fab Introduced a Plus Size Collection?

JustFab Summer Shop

Once you become a member of the JustFab website, pick and choose what items you’re going to purchase, and you’ll be happy to learn that free shipping will accompany your purchase as well. The money that you pay towards your membership for the first month is spendable, which means that you’ll have $39.95 to spend within the online store to purchase anything you want. Get some summer clothes that look great on you, or you may want to choose to purchase some shoes to wear with clothing that you already have or are going to purchase. Staying a member of the JustFab website is easy as well because you only have to pay the monthly membership fee.

You’ll be happy to learn that your monthly membership fee on the website is spendable every month, and the months that you choose not to pay the membership fee, you can still maintain your membership but avoid the fee by skipping the month. Some will even choose to continue paying membership fees every month because they want to save money in their account to make purchases later on. It can be a lot of fun to go into the account every couple months and see how much money is put into the account through membership fees, especially since you’ll know that your membership fee money can be spent on whatever items you want in the store.

Learn more about JustFab:


Duda Melzer, the Duda Abides

Since January 1, 2016, Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer has been the chairman and president of RBS Group. He is also chairman and founder of the investment company, Digital E. Bricks. Not only is he passionate about the businesses he is in charge of, but he is also widely know to be passionate about sports.

Eduardo, who goes by his lifelong nickname of Duda, graduated from Harvard with an MBA. After graduation, he joined RBS and became the Director General for their domestic division. He quickly moved up the ranks, becoming Vice President of Market and Business Development and then Executive Vice President of RBS within a four-year span.

He has received several major awards during his tenure in the business world. Chief among these are the Caboré Award he received in 2006 under the category of vehicle professional. He was also named Featured Professional in the Executive category in 2009 by the Brazilian Advertising Association. In 2011, he was awarded the Coletiva.Net for marketing management.

Duda Melzer has a strong reputation for always managing to stay the course during any rocky times that a business he is in charge of may be experiencing. He is very well regarded by his colleagues and peers.

Learn more about Duda here:



Spotlight on Fabletics 2016 Spring and Summer Fashion

Marketed as “the place where fitness and fashion meet” Fabletics is enjoying the release of their new 2016 spring and summer active wear fashion line on Clothes Maiden Magazine. This beauty, fashion and lifestyle site is known for featuring the most current and cutting edge fashion designers knows that this Kate Hudson start-up is in the game for the long haul. The new season’s inspiration is taken from Kate’s own brand of healthy and active living, with a touch of casual style that makes wearing gym wear feel alive and sexy. Along with a mega-sized social media following, Fabletics has found the key to combining great casual style with the ease of subscription based delivery.

With a combination of new monochromatic floral prints, jazzy geometric patterns and splashes of vibrant colors, the spring and summer collection of Fabletics offers plenty of mix and match opportunity to showcase personality while exercising, relaxing or running errands. Take the Luxor outfit, a colorful two piece Popsicle geometric patterned ensemble, mating mid-rise capris with a moisture wicking, racer front top with built in bra support, is a perfect example of color, style and comfort. Try out the Yukon sleeveless dress with hoodie for a bit of feminine grace as you prepare the dinner meal. Wardrobe matching has never been easier, taking the burden of finding complementary bottoms and tops a thing of the past.

Join in on the fun by completing a simple style quiz to ascertain your style preferences, from feminine to casual to strictly gym wear, is the first step to VIP status. Every month a matched ensemble is delivered to your doorstep, with the option to opt out and make purchases on your own time schedule. The perks of VIP status include an uncanny selection of perfectly styled ensembles that match your style personality starting at only $49.99 per outfit. Discounted prices are offered in abundance along with free shipping and a quick and easy return policy. Offering fabrics that are high performance with prices that rival the competition has made Fabletics the go-to one stop shop for all things related to their activewear ad campaign (AdWeek).

Visit the Facebook site for outfit inspirations and a peek at Kate’s picks; yes, Kate Hudson actually wears these outfits while enjoying yoga or cardio fitness programs. Start your new warm weather wardrobe off on the right foot with a visit to this trending apparel designer that is leading the active wear craze.



High Quality Dog Food Choices for Fur Babies

Dogs can’t shop for their own food; they depend on their owners to provide healthy meals for them. There are a lot of brands to choose from and one of them is Purinastore‘s Beneful. Fur baby parents who want the nutritious food for their dogs, look to Beneful to provide quality choices.

The newest recipes have real meat as the first ingredient with no added sugar. Dogs love the combination of crunchy and soft kibbles in every bag because it adds a variety of textures, enhanceing the eating experience. From the start to finish Purina has 30,000 checks to insure a high quality product that is properly packaged for freshness. When shopping the pet food isles these are some of the options that are available:
Beneful Puppy-for dogs under 12 months. Puppies are active and developing so it is important that they have a dog food that meets all nutritional needs and includes DHA.
Beneful Originals [product link: http://www.amazon.com/Beneful-Food-Originals-Real-15-5-Pound/dp/B001VJ0B0I]-for the average dog. To maintain health and live a long life, dogs need a balanced diet with real meat like beef, chicken, and salmon as the first ingredient. Antioxidants are also essential.
Beneful Healthy Weight-for dogs that are overweight. To keep a healthy weight, food that is lower calories and high nutrition paired with exercise will assure a needed weight loss.
Beneful Playful-for active dogs. The working breeds are have high energy so they need protein, like what is found in beef and eggs to assure strong muscle growth.
Beneful Wet food-for smaller breeds. Healthy options include recognizable ingredients like peas, meat, and grains in a rich gravy.
Beneful has all the above choices for meals and a line of snacks and treats. With this brand you know that all their dog food is produced in the Unites States in facilities that are company owned. So when you are searching for food for a new member of the family or want to upgrade the food that is being fed to your fur baby, there is a healthy option available from Purina with their Beneful line of dog foods and snacks.

Visit the Beneful Wiki page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beneful



A Free AdWords Evaluation Guide by White Shark Media

White Shark Media came into inception in 2011 through the entrepreneurial ability of three Danish individuals with expertise and experience in both offline and online marketing. It has managed to scale higher ranks in the Digital Marketing sector, especially in North America. It specializes in helping clients execute AdWords campaigns. According to its site, it managed an estimate of $36 million in 2015.The company has also sent more than 35000 reports as well as 300000 emails.
Clients with a goal to drive more traffic to their website through AdWords can easily achieve this with the help of White Shark Media. It makes it easy for customers to obtain free AdWords Evaluation regardless of being inexperienced or having a running campaign. Its team of experts supports all its clients to get more traffic flow to their sites.

The Evaluation Process

Through join.me, an AdWords certified professional is able to guide a client by following the actions and instructions of the specialist systematically. This helps a customer to be hands on in the learning process as well as gain knowledge about how to conduct the evaluation alone. Upon completion of the process, a client can either select White Shark Media to manage his or her campaign or do it alone.

Additional Services by White Shark Media

Apart from AdWords management, White Shark Media provides both search engine marketing as well as optimization services. These services allow customers to boost their rankings on search engines such as Google, which triggers more traffic flow to their sites.

White Shark Media

White Shark Media is premier Digital Marketing Agency that tasks itself to provide online marketing services, which are customized for small and medium-sized enterprises. White Shark Media just like any other company receives complaints from its clients.

It initiated an in-house procedure or process to deal with the tracking of AdWords performance. Through this process, the company installs call tracking, Google Analytics and conversion tracking to allow clients to track the results of their AdWords campaigns. Read more at http://www.bbb.org/atlanta/business-reviews/internet-marketing-services/white-shark-media-in-atlanta-ga-27374275/complaints and http://www.whitesharkmedia.com/testimonials/

After receiving a complaint about ineffective communication, White Shark Media made various efforts to boost its communication. It introduced phone systems that are accompanied by direct extensions. This improvement allows customers to reach out to their contact person directly without the need to be redirected.

Upon registering with the company, clients are issued with an email that is accompanied with contact details for their respective contact individual as well as his or her supervisor. It also conducts scheduled meetings with its clients through GoTomeeting every month.