VTA Publications Helping People Learn

VTA Publications is a non-fiction publisher for distance learners, and they also focus on events and organizing catering for different specialist genres. The company was established in 2012, with customers from all over the globe coming to them for their products and skills. The mission of the company is to provide customers with the best and cutting-edge information that they have to offer. This includes both digitally and physically help, and specializing in the areas of economics and finances. Some of products that the company offers includes how to trade stocks using charts, the latest seminar recordings, the little-known options trading strategies and retirement planning from the bible. VTA publications can be contacted by mail, email or telephone.

VTA publications was incorporated in December of 2012, under director Geraldine Roberts. While Mrs. Roberts is the director the company also has shareholders which include. VTA is consistent with making their Annual Returns and Accounts that they stride to update on time. They are classified as a retail sale and mail order company. The VTA publications company is set up in the United Kingdom in Congham, King’s Lynn.

The company also provides information including Legal Information such as the Financial information, The Company’s Accounts, and the latest annual returns. The last account information was submitted in December 2014, and is scheduled to be renewed this December. And just as the accounts, the annual returns are updated every two years. Also, the company also makes an effort to hire only the best experts in their field from all over the world, these are individuals that can walk the talk, and bring their experience in to be beneficial to the company. Agents are also offered to be booked for meetings, events and seminars, and other meetings of this nature.

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