Doe Deere’s Fascinating Empire

Doe Deere is known as one of the most enigmatic CEOs in the fashion industry, and indeed the world,in the modern age. Her fascinating style of business has attracted over 2 million followers on the popular social media site, Instagram.
Deere is the Founder and CEO of Lime Crime, a company that pioneered the “on lip” lipstick swatch. 8 years since this, Deere has continued to innovate her company with their social media account. Lime Crime in a myriad of ways, including the before mentioned Instagram, is used not simply to promote its product, but to create an interactive experience for the customers. The result? A growing and bustling community unique to Lime Crime.
The very active army of Lime Crime fans are able to tweet or use the hashtag #limecrime to show off their intricate creations done with Lime Crime products.
Deere personally likes to see these creations and it is part of what compels her and her company. She hopes that these creations inspire other fans as well. The fans as she remarks, inspire her as much as she inspires them.
But Deere is not just innovating the social media aspect of her brand. She is revolutionizing the shopping experience by providing these very pictures to people browsing her site. Each product also has pictures of real life customers with it applied. This allows customers to artistically get an idea of what the product looks like on every kind of skin tone and which product is the right one for the customer. The perfect product for every customer is obviously quite important to Lime Crime.
Deere herself is the charismatic CEO that everyone wishes they were more like. She leads the charge as a female entrepreneur who champions creativity. Doe Deere was the kind of child who always painted as a child. She was always seeking to express herself creatively.
As a child, she wished to completely color the world. And indeed as an adult, she is doing just that. Deere herself says that her work at times feels like she is cheating the world. She should not be allowed to be having as much fun as she is. This fun translates into her customers as well. Doe Deere since her childhood has worked to enable creativity not only herself but in other people as well. That is why she has built something that is more than just a brand; more than just another company social media account. She has built an empire for the people and further bettered by its people.

Check out Doe Deere’s LinkedIn profile.

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