Bernardo Chua’s Initiatives to Further Expand the Growth and Development of Organo

Bernardo Chua, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Organo opened and filled a new position, Chief Visionary Officer to help with the growth and development of the company’s distributors. Mr. Chua co-founded Organo, a global gourmet coffee company that distributes coffee, nutritional, and personal care products, in 2008. Organo produces its products with organic Ganoderma lucidum, an ancient herb used to prolong life longevity over two thousand years ago in China. Mr. Chua uses a direct selling model to attract international distributors in over 40 countries. Over the years, he has promoted highly respected distributors within the company to hold positions, including Chief Visionary Officer and Regional Vice Presidents in various countries.

In February 2016, Bernardo Chua added two former distributors to the executive team at Organo. He selects distributors with a proven track record in the direct marketing industry and sales. The Chief Visionary Officer (CVO) and Regional Vice President have over 20 years of experience in networking markets and shares their expertise with Organo distributors. The new Chief Visionary Officer has one of the most important roles within the company, to help expand the growth of Organo. Mr. Chua works closely with the CVO to promote the vision of the company’s growth and development.

Ganoderma, a type of herb that comes from an oriental mushroom has been thoroughly researched by Mr. Chua for many years. He developed Organo products in his home country, Philippine and started a small company. Organo experienced immediate success in the Asian markets and now has expanded to European, Canadian, African, Russian, and North American markets. The company quickly expanded within two years of operations and become the 55th largest direct sales company globally. Bernardo Chua travels around the world to speak to employees, and to educate prospective distributors and consumers about Ganoderma and its health benefits.

The first product items introduced to the Asian market were gourmet coffees and teas in variety of flavors. Organo Gold now offers gourmet mocha, latte, hot chocolate, and espresso. Bernardo Chua also developed lines of personal care and nutritional products that combine Ganoderma. He and Organo have won awards, including the Dangal ng Bayan Award for Business and Industry; Direct Sales Company of the Year; People’s Choice; and Top Direct Selling Company in the food supplement category. Mr. Chua was honored in the Philippines as an Outstanding Global Entrepreneur for his leadership role as the Chief Executive Officer of Organo.  Read more about Bernardo on Wikipedia, or follow the man himself on Facebook.

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