Kevin Seawright Provides Hope for Newark Youth

Students in Newark, New Jersey are getting some much needed help in finding summer jobs this year from Kevin Seawright the CFO of Community Economic Development Corporation (CEDC). This company under the guidance of Seawright has managed to bring significant community businesses and leaders together to assist in making this program a success. Teaching kids the value of having a job that will provide them all with the tools necessary to find success in the world.

This program is for Newark residents that are current students. They are aiming to provide six weeks of work experience that they are paid for. The hope is that the students will develop a better focus on their future goals and in turn will help boost the college graduation rates in the local Newark Community. There is more than just a job involved here as there are empowerment lectures, college readiness programs, on the job training and financial literacy lessons. It is hoped that all of these will combine to increase the productivity of program participants, broaden their horizons and contribute to the community as well.

One of the main improvements to the program in 2016 is the requirement to apply for the program online. In previous years there was a time consuming six-week process that students had to undergo. That seemed to discourage some participants. This year the process online was a simple 30 minutes. That has increased the number of applications received already. It is hoped to increase the total number of participants in the program from 3,000 last year to a sturdy 3,500. The financial literacy provided to the students is coming from two new participants. Santander Bank and TD Bank have both committed time and funding to allow for students to learn about finances. These are the basic skills of how to open a bank account and manage money. They are dedicated to providing students with the tools needed to function well in society after they graduate and enter the workforce with some valuable tools.

The program will be running from July 5-August 16th. All of the participants in the program will pay the students minimum wage. All of the members of the CEDC are extremely proud of the effort that is being put into developing a positive program that will increase the hope that all members of the Newark community will enjoy a brighter future because of it.

It isn’t a surprise that Kevin Seawright would be the mover behind this great program. He has a career of experience in financial management and business. He is of course not CFO of CEDC, Newark’s primary development agency. In previous years, Seawright was CFO of one of Maryland’s largest Department of Recreations and Parks managing a funding budget of over $50 million annually. He has specialized in creating budgets and providing guidance in solving of the problems faced by public and private business institutions. This program is just another way that he is giving back to the Youth of Newark.  Follow Kevin on Soundcloud, but he’s also a voluminous Tweeter.

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