Charles Koch Asked to Revisit Hillary Competency Question

Long before the start of the current presidential race, Charles Koch had been asked several times if he thought that former First Lady, Senator and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton could provide the leadership needed to effectively run the country. In an ABC News Exclusive interview on Sunday, April 24, the billionaire and respected financial and business leader reiterated some of his past opinions of Bill and Hillary Clinton and then briefly touched on his perception of Hillary Clinton’s leadership and his disappointment in The Republican Party’s candidates.

Charles Koch and his brother David H Koch are well known for their influence over United States politics. They have used their considerable wealth and business and social ties to raise funds for political groups, organizations and candidates who support their political ideas. They have also regularly contributed to frank discussions about the state of America and methods for boosting the economy and making the country safer. Given that they both have impressive academic and business backgrounds and that they have successfully expanded Koch Industries over the past 33 years into the powerhouse that it is today, it is no surprise to many that they are sought out for their opinions.

Koch maintained his stance on Sunday that he doesn’t see himself supporting Hillary Clinton unless she changes her planned policies. At the same time, when asked, he conceded that Bill Clinton did a better job as a Democrat at behaving like a conservative when it came to government spending and growth than George W. Bush. He also admitted that it might be “possible” that Hillary Clinton could turn out to be a better choice for POTUS than any of the Republican candidates.

Koch has been so put off by Donald Trump’s campaign, that he previously stated that he was considering backing efforts to block a presidential win. Yesterday, he noted that he won’t get involved at all at this point and that he might take a step back entirely from the presidential race because, as he put it, the race has no good “role models.” He then outlined several ways that Trump and the other GOP candidate, Ted Cruz, could improve their chances of winning the race. He mentioned that they both need to stop their personal attacks against other candidates and hate-filled rhetoric against Muslims. He then admitted that he can’t see himself supporting any candidate this year.



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