Armani Gives In To Animal Rights Groups

Armani has been a target of animal rights groups for years. They’ve been after the fashion giant to stop using furs in their fashion lines. Armani announced that there would not be any fur products in the autumn/winter 2016 clothing line. Armani announced to the press that he had given consideration to the rights of animals and protecting the environment. This belief in protecting the rights of animals and the environment led him to remove fur products from the clothing line on In fact, all fur products are pulled from the Armani Group, which includes Giorgio Armani, Emporio Armani, AJ Armani Jeans, and Armani Casa.

Fur Free Armani
Armani has taken a bold move and restricted fur inclusion in the Armani Group. This bold move demonstrates that the high end fashion designer has confidence in their customers and line of clothing. They believe that the consumer on Pinterest has strong feelings about the environment and animal cruelty. Therefore, a fur free clothing and fashion line should have a very positive effect on the way that the company is perceived by the public. The Humane Society International had a few positive words to say about the Armani decision. They believe it was a powerful statement to the fashion world. You do not have to wear fur to look fashionable. Several other fashion houses are also removing fur from their fashion line.

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