March, 2016

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5 Killer Fashion Trends From the 80’s and 90’s We Love


I happen to be a huge fan of the 80’s and 90’s, and in my humble opinion they are the most influential decades in the world of fashion today. There is nothing more exciting than seeing a fashion piece resurface, especially if it is from the days of boy bands and Bop Magazine. Popsugar posted the article of my dreams recently, that showcased the 50 favorite fashion trends from the 80’s and 90’s. Crop tops and high waisted jeans have come back with a vengeance, but a few more shocking piece seem to be blasting into the fashion world from the past. A few killer trends from the 80’s and 90’s that we hate to love:
1. Chokers- I never thought I would see these again, but I kinda love it. They are everywhere from on your favorite fashion model, to flooding the fashion trend Instagram feeds. Want to get on the choker trend? Check out Popsugar’s article on how to wear them in 2016
2. Mini Backpacks- I’ll admit, it took me a while to get on board with this one. Until I saw Kendall Jenner carrying one. Anything Kendall wears, is more than good enough for me!
3. Parachute Pants- Ok, this epic (or heinous) 80’s trend might be my favorite. Fashion designers are putting a modern spin on this style, and the outcome is perfection for work and play- not to mention comfortable!
4. Overalls- These are everywhere, and I could not be more excited. I happen to be a lover of all things with pockets, so overalls are basically my fashion heaven.
5. Jellies- Let’s just take a minute and read that again. Jellies. The plastic shoes you loved and your mother hated. The summer sandals you skipped your way through the most epic decades are back. From American Apparel to JustFab, everyone is loving this end-all, be-all footwear trend.

JustFab, our favorite online treasure trove of the latest fashion trends is a big supporter of our favorite blast from the past, killer trends. JustFab creates a personalized boutique for each member based on their personal style preferences. The best part about the JustFab membership? The items in each members personal boutique change monthly! Maybe this week you are feeling the killer vibes of the 80’s and 90’s, and those preferences can be easily updated to be showcased in your personal boutique. No matter the look or decade you prefer, JustFab has the selection and tools to help you achieve your perfect style!

Helane Morrison Keen on Financial Compliance in the Corporate Sector

According to me, the financial world still faces many ethical and transparency issues. This has necessitated the need for a system of checks and balances to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Hence the need for compliance officers who are strictly ethical and follow the rules to the letter. As I look at the life and work of Helane Morrison, and the successful path that she has curved out for herself in the field of compliance, I can’t help but feel a sense of pride and amazement.

Career at the SEC office in San Francisco

Following the 2007/2008 financial recession, we all noticed the rampant inequalities and questionable business practices in the financial sector. These were readily accepted as the norm and reality of the day. However, Morrison stuck to her guns and was soon handpicked from private practice in Canada to head the San Francisco office that dealt with US Securities and Exchange. Reading about Helane Morrison’s demeanor and practices at the SEC position, we see that she was dedicated to ensuring that all deals were done by the book.

Morrison has proved that she is a tough bird when it comes to ensuring compliance in every financial transaction. We witnessed that under her leadership, the SEC opened cases against some of the biggest players in the financial sector targeting executives from top companies like Google and NextCard Inc.

Hall Capital

After a successful career at the SEC, Morrison joined Hall Capital as the chief compliance office. It is important to note that Hall Capital is run by women. Morrison explains that this was the main reason why she was attracted to the firm. We notice the exceptional career balance that Morrison maintains as she juggles her duties at the firm while still engaged in other boards that equally demand her attention.

About Helane Morrison

Helane Morrison was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. After high school, she studied journalism and graduated with a degree from Northwestern University, Illinois. She then joined Berkeley School of Law at University of California. After being admitted to the bar, Morrison secured a job at the US Court of Appeal as a clerk. Later, she worked under one of her biggest mentors and role models, Justice Harry A. Blackmun.

Today, Morrison is the chief compliance officer at Hall Capital. She also sits on several boards including Regional parks Foundation and the American Bar Association’s Hedge Fund Subcommittee. She is highly respected in the financial world as a stern compliance officer.

DeVos Family Helps to Promote New School Voucher Programs

The United States seems to be riddled with wealthy families. We hear about them all the time on the news and in magazines. A lot of what we hear about is their success either personally or in business. This is not the case with the DeVos family however. They are undoubtedly a wealthy family. In fact, Dick DeVos Jr. is reportedly on of the wealthiest men in the United States with a net worth of around five billion dollars. However, there is much talk and attention around all of the philanthropic efforts that Dick and his wife Betsy DeVos engage in. To be sure, they have established their own philanthropy known as the Richard and Helen Devos Foundation through which they address many political and social concerns by donating money to make positive changes. 

A recent focus of their philanthropy has been in the educational realm. Recently, there has been a large push for school choice and new voucher programs. There has been a large increase in movement towards these ideals and the monstrous contributions from the Dick and Betsy DeVos foundation to this cause can certainly be attributed to its success. Currently, 13 states as well as Washington, D.C. include active voucher programs. In addition, we are seeing an increase in support for home schooling and other alternative forms of education. Religious programs and churches are another large focus of the foundation. Some programs they are associated with include the Zuni Christian school as well as the Inner City Christian Federation. 

Dick DeVos lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan with his wife Betsy and their three children. They are very active both politically and socially in their city. In fact, DeVos even ran for governor of Michigan but ended up losing the candidacy.

Glad to see the Grand Rapids area make another “best of” list! Thank you all for your role in making our city great.

Posted by Dick DeVos on Friday, March 11, 2016

Sailing is one of DeVos’ hobbies and passions that he has excelled in. He has two national titles and has participated and won in one of the longest sailing competitions in the world. Aviation is another interest of Dick’s.

Richard DeVos Senior, the father of Dick DeVos was the founder of Amway, a distribution company that Dick took over as CEO for a few years. He led the company into new international growth and eventually retired to focus on other areas of his life. Before this, Dick was owner and president of the National Basketaball Association’s Orlando Magic.

Finding Body Peace with Added Fashion Sizes and New Barbie Dolls


The Barbie company has some exciting new toys this year: new doll designs. The new Barbie dolls are meant to encourage young girls -and boys- who play with them that bodies come in all sorts of sizes. The new Barbie is still available to buy even with the new additions. The new Barbies come in tall, petite and curvy. The new, body peace promoting dolls are going to go into stores March first of this year. Each doll in displays at Target stores exclusively is going to be modeling replicas of the Target swim suits of this year to encourage women, girls and teens to not be too ashamed of their body that they can’t wear a swim suit.

The Barbie company has had requests in the past to make a change in their doll design to better show how the body can be different sizes for a while. Here’s hoping the change succeeds at sending out a positive body message to Barbie fans. Both young and old.

Similarily to Barbie making a move toward more diverse body types for their dolls, many fashion companies are also taking steps to add more of a range to the clothing they sell to give women of different body types choices. JustFab Inc. for instance has a plethora of fashionable and inexpensive clothes for different body types.

Getting clothes from JustFab Inc. is easy but a little different than from other fashion retailers. It’s an international subscription-like company where customers must get clothes each month and they are charged each month on their credit card. If a customer does not want to go ahead with getting clothes on a certain month they merely have to mark it ahead of time before their credit card is charged for that particular month. To become a VIP member on JustFab Inc. there is a just the matter of filling out a style quiz and going ahead to either be a member or shop as a guest shopper.

Slyce’s Yearly Results Give Insight Into Future of Company

Recently Slyce Inc, one of the leading image recognition platforms released their financial results for the year. Slyce acts as a powerful sales channel for retailers and their customers. Consumers contact retailers by taking photos of products using their mobile devices. This gives Slyce near instant capability. Slyce’s technology is used as a white label search platforms. Slyce is used by brands such as Neiman Marcus and Home Depot. Slyce’s business model has a number of different revenue streams, such as integration, licensing and purchase transactions.

Slyce announced a collaboration with rapidly growing online footwear retailer SHOES.COM. Slyce’s image recognition helps mobile visitors snap pictures of women’s footwear with the option to quickly purchase. Slyce is helping Neiman Marcus by allowing shoppers to take images of different images and receive matching items from Neiman Marcus. Slyce will also start working with urban outfitters to help with their mobile commerce.

Slyce decided to end its short term offering and instead use private financing thanks to a lead investor. Slyce is currently accepting subscriptions from that investor, among others. Slyce has developed a system to create easy on boarding by shortening the integration efforts mandatory for new customers.

Slyce is using a universal scanner to provide a camera interface for different detection. This will allow clients to add object scanning to their websites. Slyce Link was created as a visual product recommendation system that increases shopping conversations on websites. Retailers can also show their products to customers at beneficial points.

Slyce also launched Coupon Author; a coupon management platform. Coupon Author helps retailers make coupons to be redeemed through mobile devices, as well as distribute them. Retailers can use Coupon Author to introduce special offers to customers.

Slyce is working to refine their sales process and secure additional financing in the coming months.

Stephen Murray: Choosing An Investment Advisor

Are you interested in getting into the investment field? Want to learn about investing and need a professional to guide you properly? Perhaps you have heard about CCMP Capital and the amazing services they provide to beginning investors and veterans alike. If you want to achieve great success as an investor, it’s important to surround yourself with reliable financial and investment advisors.

Private equity is investing in a company that does not issue public stock. It’s an area of investing that requires a good understanding of what you are doing. Not many people out there have great expertise in this type of investment option. Although there are many companies out there offering to advise or help you with investment matters, you need to choose wisely. When it comes to choosing an investment advisor, look no further than CCMP Capital – a top rated private equity investment firm.

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital is a global private equity investment firm, specializing in buyout and growth equity investments. The company has highly qualified professionals who are knowledgeable in various financial services and investment strategies. In partnership with outstanding management experts, CCMP Capital leverages the combined experience and strengths of their proprietary management resources and top notch industry expertise to boost company growth and enhance operational efficiency.

When you contact CCMP Capital for assistance or advice, their professionals will be happy to render needed services. They will ask you several questions and then go in details to find out a lot about your financial situation and your investment goals. You will need to provide them with your financial documents and other relevant information if you have an already existing portfolio.

Investors provide funding to a company and then receive returns on their initial investment once the company reaches a certain stage. Private equity investment usually fund start-up companies in industries like biotechnology, telecommunication and alternative energy.

Numerous businesspeople and business around the world have actually benefited exceptionally from the outstanding services of this company. If you really wish to discover more about private equity financial investment and how you can get started and succeed with this proven investment strategy to reach your goals, CCMP Capital is the right business to get in touch with.

Stephen Murray according to Linked In was President and Chief Executive Officer of CCMP Capital. As an experienced and knowledgeable investor, Stephen helped numerous clients from all walks of life, invest wisely and achieve great results. He personally mentored many financial advisors and investment professionals and also contributed greatly to the success of CCMP Capital. Mr Murray was well liked and admired by his clients and his peers due to his excellent service and passion for seeing others succeed. Stephen Murray passed away on March 12, at age 52.