The Impact of Next Level Lacrosse Camp and the Charisma of Its Owner

Many people go through life without making much of an impact on others. Jon Urbana is someone who others can look towards as a person worth emulating. He lives a very active life, and his vast array of interests reflects as much. If nothing else, his interests are very diverse.

The public is mostly aware of Jon Urbana thanks to his very accomplished professional sports career. The sport that is his passion is lacrosse, and Urbana is one of the few people at Villanova to make the pro ranks. Prior to becoming a professional lacrosse player, Urbana was a standout star for Villanova University. Today, he runs the highly-acclaimed Next Level Lacrosse Camp. Lacrosse is in Jon Urbana’s blood, and he will always be involved in the sport in some way. Still, he has time for a lot of other things.

Photography is a passion of Jon Urbana. Anyone who takes a gander at his social media sites will notice a lot of photos. The photo art covers many different subjects, but food-oriented pictures definitely do make up a lot of those selections. The photo images are not exactly dull-looking. The visuals of the food depictions, especially his videos, are truly original and have an amazing artistic bent to them. The photos at really are a wonder to look at.

Jon Urbana has a love for unique music. Photos and videos are not the only things appealing to him. He has an ear for brilliant sound. The musical selections Urbana likes on SoundCloud are upbeat and atypical. Listeners may not hear such music all that often on the radio. Those interested in something a bit different should check out his SoundCloud selections.

To gain a lot of insight into all the various interests Jon Urbana has, subscribing to his fan page┬áis suggested. His Twitter and Facebook pages are loaded with interesting updates, links, photos, videos, and more. In addition to learning about Jon Urbana’s interests, his website readers about a great many subjects. Becoming a follower might be a good decision to make.

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