February, 2016

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Hot YouTubers Take The Spotlight

A lot of social media sites are popping up all over the Internet. Still, YouTube remains at the top of the list. The site receives billions of hits every year. People sign up for an account and they are able to upload their own videos and share them with their followers. Quite a few of the YouTubers are causing a sensation on the site. They are really involved with beauty, hair, fashion, and makeup. One of the hottest sensations on the site is Wendy Huang the face behind the wonderful world of Wengie. Rising to the top, takes effort. Let’s review a few ways to really become a leading beauty guru on YouTube.

Getting Noticed On YouTube
First, it is important to have a real passion for fashion and beauty or it is going to be real difficult writing about the subject on a regular basis. Next, set up an account. Select a catchy name that will strike a note with those that are interested in fashion and beauty. Take a look at the competition. Subscribe to their channels and watch their videos and read the comments left. Start making your own videos. Don’t try to be perfect or imitate others on the site. Just be yourself. Show a little personality and your unique spin on fashion and beauty. Start with well produced short video tutorials. Keep them short and to the point. Upload your videos and don’t forget to interact with people that leave comments. Ask them to share your videos.

Wengie is a famous Australian YouTuber that has millions of views. Her real name is Wendy Huang and she has captured the attention of other YouTubers around the world. Her unique approach to beauty, makeup, and fashion is viewed regularly by millions.

Wengie was born in Australia, and is from Sydney. Wengie considers herself a very normal girl that is obsessed with beauty and fashion. She’s tried a wide variety of beauty products and techniques. She likes to share her experience in easy to follow beauty tutorials on her YouTube Channel. Her channel is one of the most subscribed Asian beauty channels in Australia.

Startups vying for a piece of the Visual Search Industry Pie

Image recognition is an innovative field that allows companies and businesses to help users discover products online. It is based on photos of objects taken from the real world. This is a relatively new field that is yet to be fully serviced. It requires a large investment in technological research and development.

Many shoppers find it frustrating to find exactly what they are looking for online. Today, more and more people prefer to shop online due to convenience. It allows people to shop from any point and have the products delivered at their doorsteps. However, it is difficult to find what one wants. In addition, the recommendations provided are disappointing.

Advent of Visual Search Companies

Today, there are multiple startups in the world seeking to break through the visual search industry and produce a working platform. Such startups allow businesses to help their clients find products online. Indian companies like iLenze and Snapshopr have been successful in raising seed capital to fund operations. In 2015, Mad Street Den based in Chennai, successfully raised $1.5 million. However, its visual recommendation engine is its most demanded product. Visenze is another visual search company based in Singapore. It has penetrated the Indian market because of high demand.

Stylumia Intelligence Technology Ltd

Stylumia is one startup that uses artificial intelligence to offer smart visual recommendations to online shoppers. The product seeks to help solve consumer frustrations when shopping online. The company was co-founded by Ganesh Subramanian and Ram Prakash. Stylumia is only focused on fashion products. It aims to help businesses and consumers make decisions based on accurate data. Business will therefore know what products to stock to meet consumer demand. The company will launch its products in April, 2016, and has already partnered with several retailers.

Slyce Inc

Slyce is a visual search company based in Toronto, Canada. It was founded by Cameron Chell and Erika Racicot. The company successfully launched its visual recognition technology in February, 2013. The software is capable of identifying products from a picture thus allowing customers to purchase it online or using a smartphone. It has strong partnerships with top retailers in the US market where it operates as a mobile app.

Users can identify products online by snapping a photo and using the platform’s recognition technology. The company is run by a team of highly skilled professionals each with exceptional experience in their respective fields. Slyce allows retailers, publishers and other brands target new customers while maximizing returns from existing ones.

The Impact of Next Level Lacrosse Camp and the Charisma of Its Owner

Many people go through life without making much of an impact on others. Jon Urbana is someone who others can look towards as a person worth emulating. He lives a very active life, and his vast array of interests reflects as much. If nothing else, his interests are very diverse.

The public is mostly aware of Jon Urbana thanks to his very accomplished professional sports career. The sport that is his passion is lacrosse, and Urbana is one of the few people at Villanova to make the pro ranks. Prior to becoming a professional lacrosse player, Urbana was a standout star for Villanova University. Today, he runs the highly-acclaimed Next Level Lacrosse Camp. Lacrosse is in Jon Urbana’s blood, and he will always be involved in the sport in some way. Still, he has time for a lot of other things.

Photography is a passion of Jon Urbana. Anyone who takes a gander at his social media sites will notice a lot of photos. The photo art covers many different subjects, but food-oriented pictures definitely do make up a lot of those selections. The photo images are not exactly dull-looking. The visuals of the food depictions, especially his videos, are truly original and have an amazing artistic bent to them. The photos at jonurbana.wordpress.com really are a wonder to look at.

Jon Urbana has a love for unique music. Photos and videos are not the only things appealing to him. He has an ear for brilliant sound. The musical selections Urbana likes on SoundCloud are upbeat and atypical. Listeners may not hear such music all that often on the radio. Those interested in something a bit different should check out his SoundCloud selections.

To gain a lot of insight into all the various interests Jon Urbana has, subscribing to his fan page is suggested. His Twitter and Facebook pages are loaded with interesting updates, links, photos, videos, and more. In addition to learning about Jon Urbana’s interests, his website readers about a great many subjects. Becoming a follower might be a good decision to make.

Give your furry friend a meal he will love

Keep your fur baby happy and healthy by feeding him or her only the best dog food available on the market. A product of the Purina pet food company, Beneful comes in many formulas and sizes, wet and dry, to satisfy our canine buddies’ palates and physical needs. Their slogan states that they believe in “filling bowls with the goodness of healthy & the joy of happy” and they do meet these standards. These products bring smiles all around as convenient, marketable (to a wide range of breeds and ages) and flavorful with protein punch and a vegetable underlying.

Beneful can be found in most discount retail stores, including WalMart and Target, many specialty markets and nearly all pet animal supply stores. In fact, Petco is a safe bet when searching for dry and wet Beneful products, treats or other Purina products. In addition to being easy to find, Beneful is budget-friendly. While not the cheapest brand on the market, they are certainly among the most cost-effective as more inexpensive than other high name counterparts, while remaining healthy and popular.

Each bag is labeled as either puppy, playful life, adult and healthy weight. Wet food comes labeled as prepared meals, hearty roasters, medleys and chopped blends. When looking for the right bag or container for your dog, read the labels to help you discern which best suits his or her dietary needs.

You and your dog aren’t all that different when it comes to appreciating the flavor of food, and Beneful has you covered to keep your furry best friend happy. Protein dominates the flavor of these meals and comes in beef, chicken, lamb and pork. Delectable accents include carrots, rice, green beans and cheese.


A Revolutionary New Healthy Coffee

Coffee has been around for most of modern history. It’s commonly the drink of choice for breakfast, lunch, and even dinner. Of course, coffee is delicious and pairs wonderfully with a variety of popular foods. However, coffee hasn’t traditionally been associated as “healthy.” That is, not until now.

Thanks to a revolutionary new product that’s called Organ Gold, coffee-lovers can enjoy additional benefits to drinking their favorite beverage. That’s because Organo Gold is changing both the coffee and the tea industry with its new combination of ingredients.

It boasts an infusion of an ancient Chinese herb, called Ganoderma Lucium, which dates back 4,000 years in Chinese tradition. Modern research has proven that antioxidants are an important anti-cancer and health promotion factor in our daily diets. Luckily, this ancient herb is an antioxidant and adaptogen all in one. It works with the body’s natural chemistry to promote healthy functioning.

Organo Gold has been said to help people improve when suffering from the following afflictions:

Low energy
High blood pressure
High cholesterol
Kidney dysfunction
Liver dysfunction

If the purported health benefits aren’t enough, there are also a variety of delicious flavors to choose from. It seems that nowadays everyone has their own idea of what their coffee should taste like. Organ Gold offers something for everyone.

Organo Gold was founded in 2008 in Vancouver, Canada. It sells certified organic coffee and also a variety of personal products. It proudly operates in over 35 countries around the world.

Bernardo Chua is the founder and CEO of Organo Gold. He is well known for delivering quality products to consumers everywhere while providing a great opportunity for his associates to earn a living while marketing these products.

Bernardo Chua is the recipient of the prestigious Dangal ng Bayan award due to his efforts in the industry. His company, Organo Gold, also received more than one People’s Choice Award. These prestigious Dangal ng Bayan awards were founded in the Philippines by the National Consumer Affairs Foundation to give recognition to companies and individuals who act as positive role models through commerce in their industries. Chua was also honored as “Outstanding Global Entrepreneur.”

As an extension of Chua’s ambitions, the Facebook shows that Organo Gold promotos a lifestyle of health and longevity. It offers various products offering the prized Ganoderma Lucidium, which is a mushroom that contains antioxidant properties and has been encouraged by practitioners of Chinese medicine for hundreds of years.  Bernardo Chua has seen Organo Gold build up all over the world, and even most recently into Turkey.  That’s what comes with providing a high quality product that resonates with people everywhere.

What Dog Food Do Vets Recommend?

Though there are many brands of dog food on the market, there’s much consumer confusion over which brands are the healthiest. Many people are also under the impression that raw meat is the healthiest dog food, because they feel it’s what their animal’s wolf ancestors would have eaten in the wild. However, this is a myth. Wolves eat a combination of meat, grains and plants in the wild. They’re actually omnivores; and only 70% of their diet consists of meat. In fact, this type of healthy omnivorous balance is only available in one popular store brand, Beneful.

You can sometimes find a combination of meat, veggies and grains in other boutique dog food brands like Blue Buffalo, Petfresh and others. However, when you are able to locate brands like this, they’re typically too expensive for the average pet owner to afford; when you consider how much food your dog eats on average. Sometimes these more expensive brands will only adequately feed your dog for something like $3 or more per serving. That really adds up when you could be feeding your dog healthier for less than $1 per serving with a brand like Beneful.

You can mix wet and dry foods or just feed your dog one or the other at various servings. It doesn’t matter. Overall, you will save money over expensive brands when you buy Beneful.

A recent article discussed the fact that most consumers want their dogs to eat healthier. Going organic has become a trend in pet care, the same as it’s become a trend for self care. Many new dog food brands feature ingredients we’ve never seen before in dog food like:

-Freeze dried blueberries and cranberries,



-Green beans,


-Game birds,

-Pacific catch fish, and


In addition, you will find many formulas geared toward individual pet health. Therefore, in addition to puppy and adult recipes, you’ll also find recipes that will help to:

-Improve senior dog health,

-Encourage weight loss and healthy weight management,

-Support energy and play in active dogs, and

-Original recipes that encourage general health and nutrition

Brands like Beneful, Blue Buffalo, Petfresh and some organic brands will feature these ingredients and recipe styles.