The Fluctuating Commodity Prices in the Capital Market

Over the years, financial stability has been the center of development for many countries across the world. Institutions and companies globally have invested in different types of business with the aim of boosting economic growth. As such, prices of different types of commodities and goods have stabilized in the recent years thus offering fair competition. In a recent release by Forbes indicates how the flat stock market of 2015 has boosted business development of prospects for 2016. This has provided a level playing ground that people will use as an investment opportunity to boost their business in 2016. Uncertain growth and volatility has brought about focusing on risk assessment. Through this process, people are able to weigh the risks involved in venturing into any type of business. This provides the required insight and gains to be made in the development of business opportunities.

The fluctuating prices of the oil prices have been seen as the best indicators of business development in 2016. The falling prices of oil have raised uncertainty on how the prices could fall even further in 2016 thus raising some economic fear. The 2015 low returns have also led to increase worry on the outcome of returns in 2016. This is because entrepreneurs are basing on the current market structures to gauge what will come in 2016. However, many people thought that investment in the 2015 would provide them with better ideas on how the market was fairing on and how to tap into the opportunities of 2016. As such, many investors have chosen to invest in safe stocks with the aim of getting good results in 2016.

However, other individual have continued to invest successfully despite the potential risk posed by the surging economic situation. James Dondero is one of the leading investment management icons that have scaled the heights to provide investment opportunities that have been emulated by many people. Jim Dondero is the President And Chief Executive Officer of Highland Capital Management. This is worldwide investment management firm with its headquarters in Dallas, United States of America.

After graduating from the University of Virginia, Jim Dondero sharpened his investment management skills when he first joined Protective Life Subsidiary as a chief investment officer. Here, he led the company in acquiring a profit of over 2billion dollars as the chief investment officer which added a lot in his portfolio of great success. This has been the success story that made the James Dondero shine in his subsequent appointments.

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