George Soros and the Principles of EU

As part of the interview that has been released on NYBooks, George Soros has talked about the principles of the EU as well as the coming collapse of it. Angela Merkel has opened up her country of Germany in order to allow refugees to come in. Among the many issues that are being faced is hostility to the principles of the European Union. During the interview, George Soros has not only described some of the principles of EU, but his opinion on what it stands for. He also believes that Angela Merkel is the one that could ultimately solve the issue with the EU.

One thing that George Soros points out on CNBC that the principles of EU are a very close with the principles of an open society. He has noticed things upon first getting involved with his region about the Soviet Union and the European Union which was starting to emerge at the time. One thing he noticed was that they had a lot to do with internal governance. The Soviet Union was an exercise on the attempt to bring together the proletarians while the EU worked towards integration. Things have changed a lot since those times.

The Soviet Union has eventually fallen and Russia has replaced it. Nationalism has dominated the European Union which resulted in the ideals of open society being done away with for the time being. While the EU was formed with the idea of it being an opportunity of equals to associate with each other, the crisis has caused it to become and interaction between creditors and debtors. The creditors are of course in control of the deal while the debtors just have to accept everything as is. As a result, there is no equality in this setup. The problem with migration has also aggravated the issue, putting the EU at risk.

George Soros is one person who sees the issue and is hoping that it gets resolved and soon. Along with the other problems that have emerged as a result of certain choices, it is vital that Germany takes over and finds a solution to the crisis. This requires a plan that is comprehensive on account of the EU in response to the crisis. This is going to also involve the reassertion of governance over people who seek refuge so that the transition is safe and orderly. The plan would have to extend beyond Europe’s borders as well.

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