Advances in AI and visual Search to Improve Searching on the Web

Advances in AI have made it possible to shop and search by the use of images. Advancement in technology has led to the innovation of software that can recognize the picture. and Pinterest have invested in the software and testing its effects on shoppers. Users of Pinterest can search for products on the internet by selecting a part of an image. There have been a lot of things that have been changed by the web in the past 20 years. However, the text search box has remained constant. Typing text in the pixilated oblongs has remained a way of how people interact with mobile applications and websites.

Recent technological advancements in image recognition software have been used to challenge typing. Online footwear retailers such as and social networks such as Pinterest are conducting tests of new ways of searching for things on the web by using images. Using images to search for products is advancement in technology that most people could never imagine.

Both Pinterest and have adopted a technique by the name ‘deep learning’, which enables the software to match items on certain benchmarks to ensure they recognize images. The technique powers photo organization service and Google’s image search it launched earlier this summer. Pinterest’s visual search tool enables you to select by drawing a box on a part of an item available in the service. After choosing a part of an image, it identifies similar items on the web.

Earlier this summer, Pinterest introduced a buy button on the pictures that are searched using this method. The system used by Pinterest has learned ways to understand images by drawings done on the text that people attach to photos that are shared on their service.

Slyce is another improved visual search solution that enables people to search for items on the web by use of images. Customers located in any part of the world can activate and such for anything they can touch and see. The leadership team at Slyce works tirelessly to improve visual search technology. Slice is responsible for bringing innovations that will shape the future of commerce and internet use. They also work to ensure they set the bar higher for setting improved standards for engaging customers.

Slyce works in an amazing way. Once you pick an image, a coupon, QR code or barcode is extracted, and the information is returned to shoppers instantly. A photo available in the media is compared to your image and gives a match on yours. Dozens of attributes such as color, style, uniqueness and pattern of your image are analyzed to provide an equivalent of the item you are searching for.

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