Real Estate Development Changing the Face of Chicago

The real estate companies have led to increased economic development through provision of affordable housing facilities to people. Many countries have invested heavily in the real estate development which has seen structural development get a big boost. As a result, many people continue offering professional services in the advancement of the real estate industry. United States of America has invested in the real estate industry which has led to the advancement in structural development. Chicago is one of the states that has benefited from the robust structural development geared towards improving the housing conditions of the native citizens. Although the state has improved in its provision of housing facilities, the renting rates have gone higher due to the increased taxes by the City Council. The council conducts a reassessment process of the housing facilities after every 3 years giving them an ample opportunity of adjusting the housing rates. Due to the increasing demand of the housing facilities, many real estate companies have increased their renting rates to compete favorably in the capital market. The 3 bed roomed houses that were going for 700,000 thousand dollars have gone up to 1million dollars.

The real estate development in Chicago has made many people to develop interest in the industry with the aim of providing excellent services to the public. Majeed Ekbal is a renowned personality who has invested in the real estate, retail and commercial business. He owns a food distribution company in Chicago called the Expresso. The company has initiated various distribution channels and social media marketing in the recent years which have made it easy for their customers to access the goods in their offices. This step is geared towards increasing the customer base by providing for delivery of goods to the customer at any given time.

Majeed Ekbal operates in the Lincoln Park and has developed a food data base system that allows people to easily log in and find a list of more than 12000 food items to choose from. Once clients make orders, the goods are prepared for dispatch. Ekbal has also provided quite low prices to ensure that customers are satisfied. He has high quality food which he goes to an extent of importing from other country to beat the demand. Find more about Majeed Ekbal and his endeavors on his website.

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