December, 2015

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McGalla leads new line of Steeler clothing

The Pittsburgh Steelers have announced a new line of clothing, and a new website that will make it even easier for fans to purchase attire related to their favorite football team. The move is being led by team director of planning and marketing, Susan McGalla. “We want to make it easy, quick on any device you want to shop,” she said. It is a lot more than just jerseys of your favorite player. The new fashion line will include Pandora Jewelry with Steeler charms and accessories. Some big fashion brand names have gotten involved too, such as Tommy Bahama, Nike Golf and Victoria’s Secret. There is also more pink for younger girls, as well as neon yellow and different shades of gold. McGalla said on wikinvest the idea is to take sport into the street. She said with this line of clothing people can dress up or down and still make a Steeler statement. The Steeler logo can be huge or understated, to fit any situation. McGalla has a long history in the retail business, and has had a lot of marketing success. She is a former CEO of both American Eagle Outfitters and Wet Seal. She led the way in developing a line of women’s clothing while at American Eagle. She grew up in Pennsylvania with a football coach for a father, as well as a couple of brothers. She understands football, and matching that with her fashion marketing background is a natural. McGalla said she wants to listen to fans and give them what they want. She said they are meeting with fans in focus groups and expanding ways to use social media with getting fans connected. She hopes to make clothing fit the lifestyles of people, whether its men who want something to wear to wear to work, or women who want to by stylish and look feminine while making a statement about their team. One innovation she has added is “wear what they wear,” on the website. There fan can shop for the same material that players and coaches actually wear. She said things like making the same sweatshirts players wear available is important to fans.

Facts About Brad Reifler You Never Knew

Brad Reifler has many years experience in matters related to investing and running successful businesses. During his career, he has worked with many different companies in the United States and after spending most of his early days working his way to the top, he is currently the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Forefront Capital, LLC. His professional independent career started in the early 1980’s when he started a trading company named after him. The firm managed millions in discretionary accounts and proceeded to disseminate information based on institutional research.  They’ve also been one of the most prominent investment efforts to focus on lower income individuals.

His firm Reifler Trading Company became one of the biggest independent futures firms of that time and he sold it to Refco Inc, one of the largest futures companies in the world. Before selling his company, he had managed to establish himself as an individual with a positive reputation in offering professional financial advice globally. In 1995, he started Pali Capital that was a broker dealing with matters related to the equity and financial markets. He also managed to capture the expansion and development in hedge funds when he came up with a very unique strategy that did not advice on which commodities to buy or sell but rather took the trader’s idea and combined them with derivative structures and credit structures.

Currently, all his focus is on Forefront Capital that also owns several other subsidiaries, and is always introducing new ways to capitalize on the markets. Being the Founder, he gives the firm all his attention. Since starting the firm, he has worked hard to create highly unique product offerings. His firm is also unique in the fact that it has had the ability to attract investment advisers that are registered and well respected. Brad definitely knows how to treat his clients right, his long professional track record shows as much. Forefront Capital has already established itself as a company that can be relied on when matters related to ensuring that clients get the very best financial markets advice and information are concerned.  Follow Brad on Twitter to see his further updates about his career and the world of finance.

Real Estate Development Changing the Face of Chicago

The real estate companies have led to increased economic development through provision of affordable housing facilities to people. Many countries have invested heavily in the real estate development which has seen structural development get a big boost. As a result, many people continue offering professional services in the advancement of the real estate industry. United States of America has invested in the real estate industry which has led to the advancement in structural development. Chicago is one of the states that has benefited from the robust structural development geared towards improving the housing conditions of the native citizens. Although the state has improved in its provision of housing facilities, the renting rates have gone higher due to the increased taxes by the City Council. The council conducts a reassessment process of the housing facilities after every 3 years giving them an ample opportunity of adjusting the housing rates. Due to the increasing demand of the housing facilities, many real estate companies have increased their renting rates to compete favorably in the capital market. The 3 bed roomed houses that were going for 700,000 thousand dollars have gone up to 1million dollars.

The real estate development in Chicago has made many people to develop interest in the industry with the aim of providing excellent services to the public. Majeed Ekbal is a renowned personality who has invested in the real estate, retail and commercial business. He owns a food distribution company in Chicago called the Expresso. The company has initiated various distribution channels and social media marketing in the recent years which have made it easy for their customers to access the goods in their offices. This step is geared towards increasing the customer base by providing for delivery of goods to the customer at any given time.

Majeed Ekbal operates in the Lincoln Park and has developed a food data base system that allows people to easily log in and find a list of more than 12000 food items to choose from. Once clients make orders, the goods are prepared for dispatch. Ekbal has also provided quite low prices to ensure that customers are satisfied. He has high quality food which he goes to an extent of importing from other country to beat the demand. Find more about Majeed Ekbal and his endeavors on his website.

Brian Bonar: Distinguished Leadership

Any conversation that focuses on financial astuteness is arguably incomplete without the mention of Brian Bonar. Brian has managed to transform the market with his distinct style of leadership and distinguished efficiency in all that he does. Perhaps the most profound feature that makes Brian stand out is the fact that he has remained humble even in light of the accomplishments that he has managed. As the Chief Executive Officer of Imaging Technologies Corporation, Brian has overseen one of the most strategic partnerships over the last twelve months. This has been achieved in a manner that has responded not only to the market needs but also to the dynamic market structure at present.

Brian has overseen the expansion of the company to providing products and services that are related to imaging. While the target market has been small and medium sized enterprises, they have been tailored to respond to the emerging features and thus have a wider market portfolio. Brian has been at the helm of making the company one of the most renowned when it comes to expertise in integration matters. This has led to praises being laude on him by stakeholders in the market in addition to other competitors.

It is worth noting that in order to achieve the expansion strategies that have been outlined; Brian has been keen to focus on the potential of his employees. During a recent interview with a reporter from the Wallstreet, Brian outlined his belief in the potential of every member of the team. To this end, he has developed a mechanism where the views and opinions of the employees are conveyed in the final decision making process. This has been touted as one of the reasons for the continued success that his company has been enjoying over the last couple of years. Further to this, he has carefully merged the interaction of the advancements of technology and the operations of the company.

In order to underline the success that has been achieved under the leadership of Brian Bonar, it is worth mentioning the high value that has been attached to the Color Blind software that has been produced by his company. This software enables its users, whether professionals or novices to come up with images that meets their specifications over a wide variety of range to choose from. The accuracy and consistency of the images is supported by a diverse range of both soft wares and hard wares.

The success that has been achieved by Brian Bonar is definitely expected to grow over the coming years. This is due to the hard work and the efforts that have been put in by both parties in order to ensure that this is the case.

We Get Our Dog Beneful Dog Treats And Chopped Blends

I’m happy when my dog is happy. That is why I try to find the best food available for him. I made the mistake once of buying the cheap stuff, and I felt so bad. I threw that bag away the next day, and I went to do my research. It isn’t about the price of the food, but it is about the nutrient content of the food, and I tried to find the best one possible. I found Beneful to be an appealing choice. My dog likes the flavor of it, so I’m happy. If she seemed like she didn’t like it, then we would try another flavor. They have so many flavors of Beneful that it is really easy to find one that she likes. There are 20 kinds of wet dog food to choose from, so it isn’t likely that we’ll have much trouble at all finding another kind that she likes.

20 Kinds Of Wet Food For Your Dog

It is nice of the folks at Beneful to make so many different types of wet dog food for your pet to enjoy. There are 20 types, but we haven’t tried them all. We have tried most of them, but I’m starting to lose track of which ones we have tried and which ones we haven’t. They call the wet food Chopped Blends. I know that she likes Chopped Blends with chicken, tomatoes, carrots, and wild rice. We’ve also tried the one with chicken, peas, carrots and wild rice. She likes both of them. I usually buy one or the other, but every once in a while I like to slip in a different flavor. Last week she tried the Chopped Blends with salmon, tomatoes, carrots and wild rice, and she loved that.

I also buy her treats, so we have something special to do on our walks. We go on walks all the time, and we love it. It is one of our favorite things to do, and we only have so much time to spend with each other because I work long hours. I bought her Beneful treats for our walks that are made for her size. They are good for her teeth, also. The dog treats are called Beneful Healthy Smile Dental Ridges, and the size of treats we bought for her is small because she is a small breed of dog.