The Art Of The Collector

Art collectors should wear a big sign that says “Artist Beware: Do Not Approach Unless Asked To Do So!” Artists dream of having their work purchased by one the great art collectors in the world, but the reality of this is negligible. Most art collectors have specific types of art that they are interested in and for a unknown artist to approach them, whether it is through email, in person, or even a phone call, will not win the artist brownie points with the collector. But artist, (unknown or not), rest assured, if the art collector loves the work, they will find the artist!

Art collector, Adam Sender, loves contemporary art. He started collecting contemporary art back in the mid to late 90’s when the artists were on the verge of being famous. He was able to purchase artwork for great prices that have soared in value and made him a rich man. Sender was able to collect an extensive art collection by making very smart choices and having a vision of great works. He pursued artists who he felt would have long careers and his focus has always been on works that are intellectually stimulating and visually appealing. Sender has this great ability to walk into a show and hone in on the greatest pieces of art there.

Sender loves to share his collection with the world. He is known for his exhibitions and his creation of a website where you can ask for a loan of his collection. He does not believe in hiding his collection away like other art collectors and had no idea when he first started collecting that years later he would have artwork worth millions of dollars. He has been quoted as saying, “this was always a long-term in nature for me. Every single thing I bought, I was passionate about. It grew organically.”

He has a great rapport with several women dealers in the art world, as well as many great women artist. Sender does not believe that artists should be gender dedicated. Some of the best artwork that he collects is from women and he has a keen appreciation of them and their talents.

Sender continues to purchase new works from emerging artists, though he is hesitant to buy from artists that are still in school or just starting their careers. He has a good eye for great artwork and normally waits until the artists have been creating for a couple of years.

Sender is an anomaly in the art world because he publicly shares his treasures. His knack for picking out great artists with extraordinary talent is remarkable. Who will be his next discovery? He could pick YOU!!

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