Doe Deere, Cosmetics Creator

Back in 2007/2008, a young creative spirit named Doe Deere of decided that the time had come to launch her own line of boldly colorful cosmetics. Deere had a hunch that a lot of women out there were looking for a fabulously bold line of makeup that had a much more vibrant and edgy, almost theatrical feel to it than the big brand makeup brands out there. The brand she came up with is Lime Crime, and today, this notion of a wildly colorful style of makeup is catching on in a big way.


Before she launched the Lime Crime makeup brand, Deere first established an online clothing company through an eBay account. Her experience creating clothing made her aware of how difficult it could be to find materials in bold colors. That experience lead directly to her innovations in cosmetics, as she realized the only way she could get the makeup colors she really desired was by mixing them herself.


One of the major innovations Deere achieved by created the Lime Crime cosmetics brand is in creating the very first “liquid to matte” lip color product. Deere worked for months with a chemist to develop the Velvetines lipstick line, working out the glossy to matte texture and ensuring that it could really stay on and keep its color without becoming crumbly. The hard work in the lab paid off, with the innovative new product having a lot of impact. Doe Deere is also proud that Velvetines are fully certified as a vegan, cruelty-free product.


Behind all the innovation involved in the development of Lime Crime’s products is the idea that many women who have a boldly creative spirit also like to wear makeup that conveys that unique quality. As Deere puts it, Lime Crime lipstick is one that makes a statement. The statement behind these products is all about standing out, looking vibrant and unafraid to really be beautiful and truly unique. It’s this vibe, plus the brand’s unique packaging, colors and the whimsical feel that have made it catch on.

Along with the popular Velvetines lip color, Lime Crime also offers Unicorn Lipstick, which comes in a broad range of electric colors. These lipsticks go on matte and look smooth, silky and incredibly kissable. The colors really rock, with a range of hues that goes from bold electric blue to very hot pink, purple, mushroom gray, wild orange and even yellow. No, these aren’t lipsticks that are meant to be worn by shy little flowers who don’t want to be noticed. On the contrary these lipsticks, like all of Lime Crime’s products, are for women who want to be heard, and want their beauty to be noticed.

If they keep wearing Lime Crime cosmetics, there’s no doubt that will happen.

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