Advertising in Brazil: Customer Engagement Tips

TedxCuritiba told that Cláudio Loureiro of Heads Propaganda is always of the opinion that there are no set rules of advertising, especially in a country like Brazil that is constantly growing, developing and evolving. At his company, Cláudio Loureiro makes sure that they don’t jump on unnecessary bandwagons and keep the bigger picture in mind whenever they take any decision. This is exactly why his company is so popular and successful in Brazil. Advertising in Brazil is still at its foetal stage and the response of the current consumers plus the behavior of the current advertisers and marketers will decide the future.

So, what are the best ways to engage customers in Brazil? The following points clear some doubts on this topic –

Emotion and Humor Works For Consumers – Cláudio Loureiro has repeatedly noticed this trend among Brazilian customers. Whenever good humor and emotion is used in Brazilian advertising, the results are outstanding. More than anything, customer engagement rates rise dramatically and more targeted customers are reached using this strategy. The reason behind the success of this age old tip is still the same – people like emotionally touching ads and also those that make gratuitous use of comedy.

Social Media Advertising Fails In Brazil When It Lacks Direction – It is true that social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are at all all time rise, popularity and usage wise, in Brazil. This is because unlike other nations, these social media sites are still a big deal in Brazil. They aren’t old news yet and people enjoy spending time on these sites. Another side to this great news is the fact that people still pay attention to the little things. This makes the need for social media strategy even more important. Lack of such a strategy could lead to calamitous results.

Business Collaboration Works To Strengthen Small Company Advertising – In Brazil, businesses frequently collaborate to achieve great results. This leads to better engagement rates because small businesses typically pool their resources and are able to compete with global names. This is especially common in social media like Instagram and YouTube where collaborations can be used to achieve great results by engaging directly with the customers.

Advertising in Brazil, like with any other country, has changed with time and age. With the advent of the internet, the rules of the game are quite different now. Some surprising trends have been seen in Brazil, including the rise of print media’s popularity among consumers. In order to engage Brazilian customers, advertisers and marketers need to ensure that they are catering to the specific needs and requirements of these consumers. The culture of Brazil is vibrant and colorful. It has different segments that want different things, like other nations in the world.

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