September, 2015

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Doe Deere, Cosmetics Creator

Back in 2007/2008, a young creative spirit named Doe Deere of decided that the time had come to launch her own line of boldly colorful cosmetics. Deere had a hunch that a lot of women out there were looking for a fabulously bold line of makeup that had a much more vibrant and edgy, almost theatrical feel to it than the big brand makeup brands out there. The brand she came up with is Lime Crime, and today, this notion of a wildly colorful style of makeup is catching on in a big way.


Before she launched the Lime Crime makeup brand, Deere first established an online clothing company through an eBay account. Her experience creating clothing made her aware of how difficult it could be to find materials in bold colors. That experience lead directly to her innovations in cosmetics, as she realized the only way she could get the makeup colors she really desired was by mixing them herself.


One of the major innovations Deere achieved by created the Lime Crime cosmetics brand is in creating the very first “liquid to matte” lip color product. Deere worked for months with a chemist to develop the Velvetines lipstick line, working out the glossy to matte texture and ensuring that it could really stay on and keep its color without becoming crumbly. The hard work in the lab paid off, with the innovative new product having a lot of impact. Doe Deere is also proud that Velvetines are fully certified as a vegan, cruelty-free product.


Behind all the innovation involved in the development of Lime Crime’s products is the idea that many women who have a boldly creative spirit also like to wear makeup that conveys that unique quality. As Deere puts it, Lime Crime lipstick is one that makes a statement. The statement behind these products is all about standing out, looking vibrant and unafraid to really be beautiful and truly unique. It’s this vibe, plus the brand’s unique packaging, colors and the whimsical feel that have made it catch on.

Along with the popular Velvetines lip color, Lime Crime also offers Unicorn Lipstick, which comes in a broad range of electric colors. These lipsticks go on matte and look smooth, silky and incredibly kissable. The colors really rock, with a range of hues that goes from bold electric blue to very hot pink, purple, mushroom gray, wild orange and even yellow. No, these aren’t lipsticks that are meant to be worn by shy little flowers who don’t want to be noticed. On the contrary these lipsticks, like all of Lime Crime’s products, are for women who want to be heard, and want their beauty to be noticed.

If they keep wearing Lime Crime cosmetics, there’s no doubt that will happen.

Advertising in Brazil: Customer Engagement Tips

TedxCuritiba told that Cláudio Loureiro of Heads Propaganda is always of the opinion that there are no set rules of advertising, especially in a country like Brazil that is constantly growing, developing and evolving. At his company, Cláudio Loureiro makes sure that they don’t jump on unnecessary bandwagons and keep the bigger picture in mind whenever they take any decision. This is exactly why his company is so popular and successful in Brazil. Advertising in Brazil is still at its foetal stage and the response of the current consumers plus the behavior of the current advertisers and marketers will decide the future.

So, what are the best ways to engage customers in Brazil? The following points clear some doubts on this topic –

Emotion and Humor Works For Consumers – Cláudio Loureiro has repeatedly noticed this trend among Brazilian customers. Whenever good humor and emotion is used in Brazilian advertising, the results are outstanding. More than anything, customer engagement rates rise dramatically and more targeted customers are reached using this strategy. The reason behind the success of this age old tip is still the same – people like emotionally touching ads and also those that make gratuitous use of comedy.

Social Media Advertising Fails In Brazil When It Lacks Direction – It is true that social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are at all all time rise, popularity and usage wise, in Brazil. This is because unlike other nations, these social media sites are still a big deal in Brazil. They aren’t old news yet and people enjoy spending time on these sites. Another side to this great news is the fact that people still pay attention to the little things. This makes the need for social media strategy even more important. Lack of such a strategy could lead to calamitous results.

Business Collaboration Works To Strengthen Small Company Advertising – In Brazil, businesses frequently collaborate to achieve great results. This leads to better engagement rates because small businesses typically pool their resources and are able to compete with global names. This is especially common in social media like Instagram and YouTube where collaborations can be used to achieve great results by engaging directly with the customers.

Advertising in Brazil, like with any other country, has changed with time and age. With the advent of the internet, the rules of the game are quite different now. Some surprising trends have been seen in Brazil, including the rise of print media’s popularity among consumers. In order to engage Brazilian customers, advertisers and marketers need to ensure that they are catering to the specific needs and requirements of these consumers. The culture of Brazil is vibrant and colorful. It has different segments that want different things, like other nations in the world.

According to Susan McGalla, Women Can be Successful

Susan McGalla according to bizjournals is famous executive consultant from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; she is also a well-recognized business woman. Most people have recognized her from the position she had as the president of the American Eagle Outfitters, and also for being the chief executive officer of the Wet Seal.

Susan McGalla is also famed because of having been elected to sit in two important boards. One of board she has served is in HFF, a publicly traded company. HFF is believed to offers clients commercial real estate services. The other board she sits is in the Magee-Womens Hospital Research Institute and Foundation. She has also been a trustee at the University of Pittsburgh.

Susan McGalla started working at the Joseph Horne Company. In this company, she was appointed in to various different marketing and management positions. This was from the year 1986 to 1994.

In 1994, she left her employer and started working at the American Eagle Outfitters. At the American Eagle, she begun appointed to the position of divisional merchandise buyer for women’s clothing. While working at American Eagle Outfitters, she managed to ascend in to different managerial positions until she managed to get the position of the company’s president and the chief merchandising officer.

Before Susan was appointed to the high position, she had worked in another important department in the company. While serving as the president, she helped in facilitating the launch the company’s aerie brand, together with 77 kids brands.

At the beginning of 2009,Mc Galla left the American Eagle . This is when she started working as a private consultant in the retail and financial investment institutions. She worked in various companies until she decided to finally start the P3 Executive Consulting.

Susan Mc Galla was born in East Liverpool, Ohio. She was raised together with her two elder brothers. Her father was a football coach at a local football club. When growing up together with her brothers, Susan never received any special treatment or harsh treatment because she was different from her brothers in gender. Her parents raised them equally, without any favourism.

This background has Susan do exceptionally well in her male dominated career. She has managed to excel due to the confidence that was instilled in her when growing up. Today, she is a great inspiration to women who are seeking motivation to do well in their tough competitive business world. Today, she encourages other women to use the same approach she has been taught so that they can come out successful.

Susan Mc Galla is a graduate with a bachelor’s degree in business and marketing. She got her degree from the Mount Union College. Susan still has a position in the schools Board of Advisors up to date. She is married to a wealth manager, Mr. Stephen McGalla, a wealth manager.

Killer Kicks

Fashion is on the rise. It never goes out of style and is always in high demand. However, there seems to be a large amount of attention given to women’s fashion as opposed to the wardrobe hungry men with an eye for the latest trends. So, to deviate from all the hype of high-end ladies’ brands, check out some of the latest and hottest trends in men’s shoes.

First up on the list of handsome footwear is the handcrafted Italian leather boots and leather shoes by Paul Evans. Looking to steal some glances from guests at a dinner party? Try the Brando Semi-Brogue Oxfords. Want to hit the town or go back to school looking like the freshest guy in the joint? Give Paul Evans High-top Sneakers a shot. The company’s high quality shoes and up to date styles are sure to keep men on top of the fashion tier.

In the fashion world, some name brands are literally near impossible not to hear of. Though the question remains as to whether or not acquiring these name brand items is worth throwing out the extra cash. Vans in particular is a brand that should definitely come into consideration on any man or woman’s shopping list. The footwear specialist’s offers a variety of shoe styles in an equally wide range of colors. Want high-tops? Got ’em. Want pro skate shoes or stylish sandals. Vans can provide the trendy shoe enthusiast’s needs, no problem.

Finally, at the end of the list, yet certainly not the least trendy of the three brands mentioned, is Bally. More specifically, Bally’s high-end sneaker with calfskin. This shoe is the perfect blend of casual meets up-scale style. The low-top sneaker provides comfort to the wearer with its foot molding interior and can go with just about anything inside a fashionable man’s closet.

Hopefully, this short yet informational article has given birth to a new array of top notch footwear ideas. Who says men can’t have just as much fashion choices as all the rest of the fashionistas struggling to find more space in their cramped drawers and fully stocked closets? Paul Evans, Vans, and Bally’s sensational sneakers are just waiting to dazzle the world on the bottom of any man’s foot daring enough to make a statement.

Christian Broda’s Inside Eye Into The Economic World

The current MD at Duquesne Capital Management Christian Broda on valuewalk is a renowned economist having previously served as an Economics Professor at the Chicago University. He has a number of publications in the form of articles and books concerning world economics, trade and finance. Broda earned his economics degree from Universidad de San Andres, Argentina. He later pursued his Master and Ph.D. at MIT.

Broda’s publications are usually of very high significance. In “The Economic Stimulus Payment of 2008 and the Aggregate Demand for Consumption”, Broda talks about the response witnessed by households as a result of the payments and measures the partial increase in equilibrium in the demand for the consumers’ goods and services. He holds the belief that the American Dollar will remain dominant in terms of its status as the global currency of choice. Following the financial crisis of 2008, as other upcoming markets feel the effect, the dollar grows in strength. However, many economic analysts are of the opinion that with the growing government debts, the value of the dollar could be heading for a downward spiral. According to economist James Rickards, the coming financial collapse has not been witnessed before. With the international financial system having plummeted thrice in the past century in 1914, 1939 and 1971, he gives note to the fact that each of these collapses was followed by a tumultuous period like civil uprisings, war and instability in the state of the global economy. This view is shared by many others.

In recent years, calls have been made to replace the dollar with another global currency most notably by the former World Bank chief economist Justin Yifu Lin who is now a financial advisor to the Chinese Government and a professor at the Peking University. The idea of embracing the use of a number of currencies including the Yen, Sterling Pound, the Dollar and the Euro was rejected by Eswar Prasad and Broda alike. Broda advocates for investors to remain in investments dependent on the dollar advising investors to reconsider about channeling their funds in emerging markets.No single currency has dominated the world’s financial scene forever with dominance swaying from Britain, France, Spain and Portugal back in the 15th Century.

Broda is a successful hedge fund manager in his own right. He recently shared advice on how to establish a functional and reputable hedge fund. The beauty of hedge funds is that they involve little financial risk on one’s part. They do however involve a lot of effort. He broke down the start-up process into a number of steps. First up is forming a team that will be responsible for the running of the enterprise, this includes traders, analysts and a Chief financial advisor. Secondly, one needs to hire a law firm to deal with the legal proceedings involved on his behalf. Next is finding investors, hiring a stock agency through which one will make all his trades and finally setting up professional work premises. This makes it easier to attract investors.

What Has Christian Broda Done To Help Economics?

Christian Broda on valuewalk is an Associate Professor of Economics. His research and success has addressed issues in finance, international trade, and macroeconomics. He is a part of the research faculty at the National Bureau of Economic Research. He holds multiple roles in multiple companies in the industry. In fact, he is also the associate editor of the. Journal of Development in Economics along with being a scholar in 2006 for the James S. Kemper Foundation. His writing and papers have been published numerous times throughout different publications and journals, including the Journal of International. Economics, the Quarterly Journey of Economics, and the American Economic Review. His role in the development of the economic system has allowed for those people below him to follow within his footsteps as successfully as possible.

The one thing he has changed in this industry is the approach to investing and economists developing the wrong skills in the industry. His papers have gone indepth on the true essence of development as an economist. Hs studies, research papers, and simplified approaches to solutions has made him a reliable source of information. He has developed a big following, but merely he has helped changed the way newbies jump onto the scene. Taking over big corporations is not his thing, and properly handling different situations is what he stands high for.

What makes Christian so different is his long lasting knowledge with the industry. In 1997, he graduated from Universidad de San Andres down in Argentina, and he garnered a degree in Economics. He eventually pursued a masters from MIT along with a PhD right after. His knowledge, experience, and education all brought him to extensively higher levels of success down the road, and he helped increase other people’s knowledge on the progress of this industry. He does all kinds of current projects and works for different companies at the moment. However, he mainly works for the Duquesne Capital Management, and he has found that his success has also allowed for him to help with multiple hedge fund start-ups.

Christian Broda has a good family behind his back. With a wife and two sons, he has found himself with a family who supports his life.

What makes his papers and previous writings so successful is how he steps in to the world of finance and trade and explains his side so clearly. He has taught many people to get in to this industry the right way without sacrificing basic morals and utilizing incorrect money growth developments. He has achieved massive growth in the industry because of his knowledge on multiple subjects. If you need a professional in the world of economics to reach you the ropes of this world, this is the guy to learn from because of his strong attitude and powerful economic ideas.

Eucatex Innovation Giving the Environment a New Lifeline

Brazil is the next upcoming economy and the entire community of investors has noticed this hence the turn of focus towards the Latin American country. Flavio Maluf is one the many investors that have turned tier focus to Brazil in terms of investments. Maluf is a well established and a renowned entrepreneur in Brazil and his business acumen speaks for him. Born in a business oriented family, maluf has developed his business skills over the years since he was a young man. His father is also a businessman and an ex-politician. Maluf is currently the CEO and the president of Eucatex, a company dealing with wood products.

When it comes to wood production, there are many challenges that players in the industry have to deal with. Timber products are made from timber which is a product made from trees as the raw material. Therefore, dealing with wood products means destroying forest and ultimately leading to imbalances in the ecosystem. Eucatex understands this aspect of its products very well and this is why the company has been engaging in numerous research and activities to support sustainability in wood production. The company has come up with a new wood product that seeks to reduce the impacts of wood production on the environment.

Eucatex is the only player in the wood production business that has developed the new thin wood block boards. Noticias said the company developed this product to reduce the use of wood without compromising on its quality. Lucky for Eucatex, the market for it new product has been very promising both locally and in the entire Latin American region. Thin wood block sheets have been on a rising demand in the entire region and this is a positive reception and an advantage for the company. Being the only player in the industry, the company is currently enjoying a monopolistic advantage in the market.

Eucatex is actually bracing up for the prospects of a very successful business with its new product. To show its preparedness, the company has even expanded its storage to enable its mass production in readiness for the rising demand and the expanding market for its new product. Eucatex has been on the forefront in the fight against environmental degradation being part of the various sustainability campaigns. As the company pursues its sustainability strategy especially in the fight against environmental degradation, its future prospects are looking very good in terms of profitability.

The 990 Company Offers Home Sellers a Way to Save Their Money

The 990 company is a real estate listing company. It offers real estate agents an opportunity to get more listings. By paying a fee of just $200 per month, agents get to reserve a ZIP code. The ZIP code gives them exclusive rights to the referrals business arising from the company’s advertising and their own marketing of the 990 opportunity in their ZIP code. Only one agent can reserve a ZIP code at a time. This means that all home sellers in the same ZIP code will only be referred to the agent.

The program attracts home sellers by offering them an option to sell their homes at a commission of just $990. However, it doesn’t mean that agents who sign up with the 990 program become discount agents. The $990 commission is only given to home sellers who are able to bring in buyers who are not working with real estate agents.

First, the agent will advertise the message “Sell your home with an experienced full service agent and a commission as low as $990,” and attach their name and phone number. Interested home sellers, excited about the $990 commission, will the call the agent. The agent will then offer the $990 sells homes opportunity alongside their full commission plan. The home owner will be allowed to host an open house. If they manage to get an interested buyer with no real estate agent, they get to enjoy the $990 commission.

This program is a win-win for the agent in many ways. Since most home buyers have real estate agents, most of the homes will be sold under the normal full commission anyway. Even when the homes do sell under the $990 commission, the home buyers that the agent gets through the home sellers are able to buy or sell their homes through that agent, therefore earning the agent a full commission.

The sellers will also be so appreciative, and may buy their next home through the same agent. They will also refer business to the agent for years. Whether the agents sell at $990 or not, they are able to acquire new listings that they never would have gotten. Those who don’t understand this model will assume that the agent is offering a discount.

Agents who reserve a ZIP code are equipped with promotional material, video training and many other resources. They, essentially, get a license to operate under the trademarked 990 program. If a consumer visits the 990 website and types their ZIP code, only the name of the agent who has reserved the ZIP code appears. The agreement only lasts for a month. If the agent decides to leave the program, they are free to cancel and not to make any other payment.

Helping My Overweight Dog Means Feeding Him Beneful Healthy Weight

When I first got a dog, I started cooking food all the time. I would make breakfast in the morning for myself, and then I would also cook the dog steak, hamburger meat, or some other type of meat that the dog would eat. I rarely gave my dog anything but meat, and I didn’t feel the need to buy any kind of dog food. I took the dog to regular veterinarian visits, but honestly, I rarely paid attention to what the vet was saying. I had to listen to the veterinarian after my last visit because she said that the dog was getting extremely overweight.

I lied to my vet in the past when she had asked me about what I was feeding my dog, and I told her that the dog was only eating a really good dog food like Beneful. I think she saw the lie in my eyes because she waited for a whole minute before she responded to what I said. I wouldn’t sit there and argue with her about what I was feeding my pet because it was none of her business, so I simply took my pet home. Now I have to listen because she said that the dog’s weight is seriously affecting him, especially since he’s an older dog.

I was so used to cooking for my pet that it got to be a habit, and I was cooking several times a day. Although I was getting tired of cooking all the time, I figured that my pet was getting the best from me, and I wanted him to have the best foods. I started considering what the veterinarian was saying, and she told me that my pet had to lose some weight, and she said he wasn’t very healthy. I chose to do research on my own about feeding pets the foods that we eat.

Although dogs can eat meats, they aren’t only supposed to eat meats because they’ll lack proper nutrition. I knew that I had to do something, and I started to feel bad that I had been feeding my dog such a bad diet. I went to the pet store to inquire with a clerk about what kind of dog food would be best for my overweight pet. The clerk was very helpful, and he suggested that I get Beneful Healthy Weight, which is a dog food that will help my pet to lose weight.

Not only will Beneful help my dog lose weight, but it’s also healthy for him, it’s nutritious, and it has all the wholesome foods that he needs to be a healthy dog. The pet store clerk told me that I should feed the dog the food every single day and nothing else, and he also said I need to exercise the dog daily. I took everything to heart what the pet store clerk told me, and I started exercising my dog and feeding him Beneful for a month, and that’s when I saw the change. I’ll definitely keep feeding my dog Beneful from now on.

Understanding What An Investment Bank Does

Investments banks play a large role in the financial arena. They are the ground floor players hen acquisitions are being considered, as well as being the primary facet in the selling and trading of securities and equities. Investment bankers need to have a large base of knowledge and the talent to know how to best advise their clients.

Highland Capital Management is a business that deals with many of the same aspects as an investment bank does. Being global in their scope, they are able to aid with not only raising capital for their clients, but also in being an intricate part of mergers and acquisitions.

James Dondero has the experience and the knowledge to deal with many different financial needs. He has 30 years of credit and equity market experience. This aids him with offering a wide range of investing alternatives for his clients. Much of his experience lies within portfolio management and bond analyst.

Highland Capital Management, under the direction of James Dondero, offers its clientele alternatives to the usual investment strategies. They do much research in, and have the ability to direct their clients to optimal options in emerging markets. They can also aid their clients with the choosing of and investing in both long and short equities.

The use of natural resources as an investment tool can also be done through the expertise advice found at Highland Capital Management. They have the expert knowledge and the research data that will lend to well informed investment choices that will grow wealth and benefit their clients.

As an investment firm, Highland Capital Management covers all of the same areas that an investment bank does. Those areas being:

  • Raising Capital
  • Security Underwriting
  • Mergers
  • Acquisitions
  • Sales
  • Trading
  • Equity Research

The investment bank acts as the middleman in many different transactions. For instance, if a company wants to issue new securities into the market, the investment bank can help them with that. They can also aid the company connecting those new securities with the buying public. This aids the company in raising necessary capital for expansion.

The investment bank also aids with the valuation of companies. This is important especially if the company is considering offering new securities for sale. No one wants to invest in a company that is going under or cannot support its future plans.

Negotiations are also a part of what the investment bank does. They help with mergers, acquisitions and matching buyers and sellers. The investment bank, and Highland Capital Management, help with setting up the paperwork and the structure of many of the larger transactions that corporations engage in.

The investment bank handles many of the transactions that larger companies and corporations engage in. They are able to help with the issuance of new securities, as well as aiding in the generation of monies for expansion and ne technologies. The companies and brands we all know and love have probably all been handled by and investment bank.