Renegade Make-Up Aesthetics For Revolutionary Times

Make-up has long been a staple of society. In the old days, everyone from all walks of life sported some kind of makeup or other. Later on, the use of makeup became more toned down as the styles and tastes of society changed with the times. Where makeup used to be the norm for people of all walks of life and all genders, today it has sadly been relegated solely to the female gender spectrum.

That may be fine and well for some, but even the very makeup varieties made available to women today tend to be repetitive looking, outdated, and sometimes insipid. In fact, many people are tired of ultra-conservative or just plain-looking cosmetic products that do very little to really project that much vaunted pizzazz and individualism that every empowered woman deserves to have.

Makeup Trends with Limited Range of Colors

While there is a growing rise in more unique and avant-garde makeup trends, trends that takes their cue from the scene, emo, and goth subcultures that have always managed to redefine conventional standards of beauty, such ranges still tend to be somewhat limited and even limiting. Why is that? Generally, over time, women may become ‘typecast’ into the subculture that most commonly sports that type of makeup.

If you’re a young, preppy, spunky and spontaneous individual who’s looking for that little extra spice that’ll make you stand out from the humdrum standards of the boring crowd, consider opting for eye-catching, vibrant, pop-out makeup that will not only complement and enhance your look, but will best reflect your personality.

If you’re finding it somewhat difficult to get exactly the right kind of transgressive makeup that best suits your unique personality, tastes, or mood, then it would be a crime not to try Lime Crime cosmetic products.

Lime Crime – Revolutionizing Makeup One Shade at a Time

In the cosmetic industry, reinvention and innovation often clash with established norms and traditions. But the old must always give way to the new, it’s inevitable, and Lime Crime – an up-and-coming powerhouse in the cosmetics world is proving that things that go outside of the box are definitely worth having.

The brainchild of Doe Deere, aka Xenia, Lime Crime has garnered quite a lot of buzz over the past few years since its inception sometime in 2008. Lime Crime’s new cosmetic products and vibrant colors are changing the old stereotypical take on makeup. Thanks to Deere’s inventive and highly innovative artistry, Lime Crime definitely has an obvious unique edge in the cosmetic world as never before seen elsewhere; it would be a crime not to investigate Lime Crime’s original makeup products.

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