Men’s Luxury Shoes Set New Fashion Trends

From athletic shoes to hiking boots to the upscale dress shoe, polls show that men, on average, own 12 pairs of shoes at any one time. A new trend in men’s fashion is to upscale that special pair of dress shoes into luxury levels never seen before.
The phrase ‘dress for success’ has never been more evident than in today’s business world. An elegant pair of italian shoes has become a man’s status symbol right alongside the Rolex watch, the luxury car, and the Armani suit.
Men’s luxury shoes can sell for well beyond $2,000. However,for the more practical man of means looking for stylish, elegantly made shoes to fit his stature in life, there are a number of luxury brand shoes in the $400-$800 range and up.
Four major factors affect the cost of men’s luxury shoes; material, style, craftsmanship, and comfort.
Quality and availability dictate the price of shoe leather. Because of the exquisite and rare material they’re made from, shoes like Salvatore Ferragamo Python loafers go for $975, and a pair of New & Lingwood Russian calf shoes sell for up to $1,500.
Fine craftsmanship is the hallmark of any luxury shoe. Italy seems to harbor most of the great shoe makers of today. Steeped in generations of family cobblers and fine shoemakers, the tradition of quality and pride in workmanship carries on.
Style is a major factor for men in deciding which shoe to buy. Thankfully, today’s luxury shoe lines have never looked better in stylistic terms of shape, leather colors, and pure elegance.
A pair of $1,000 shoes may look spectacular, but if they aren’t comfortable and don’t feel good on the foot, they’re worth zero. Some of the high-end manufactures custom fit shoes for each customer. All of them strive to provide as comfortable a shoe as possible.
Two men from New York City, Ben Earley and Evan Pirpt, saw this trend toward upscale shoes coming and set off for Italy to establish their own shoe line. They recognized many high-priced men’s shoes were uninspiring, displayed shoddy if not heartless workmanship, and were made of leathers designed simply to protect the foot rather than give the shoe style. Their shoe brand, Paul Evans, was designed to overcome all of those issues.
Beyond making a better and more stylish line of men’s shoes, they also decided to sell and deliver their shoes directly to the consumer. No middleman markups. No cost of expensive retail space or sales personnel. By using only the power of the Internet with a motto ‘from our hands to yours,’ they have created a successful line of men’s luxury shoes using the finest of Italian calfskin leather and workmanship at decent prices.

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