Lime Crime Heads The Move Towards Independent Cosmetics Lines

Around the world the move towards the latest trends in cosmetics and makeup is taking most individuals away from the established brands and allowing them to seek out the best independent producers of cosmetics in the world. Amongst the independent producers of cosmetics that most people are searching out is the iconic Lime Crime company headed by the self styled Queen of the Unicorns, Doe Deere. Other areas that are seeing major changes in the world of cosmetics include the launching of themed lines and the import of major products by independent producers.

In New Zealand the largest independent importer of cosmetics has been purchased by a local skincare and fragrance producer in a bid to expand its reach across the country. The purchase by Trilogy is one of the largest in New Zealand’s business community and will see the cosmetics producer take a gamble on the success of its own products positioned alongside those from some of the world’s most impressive and respected cosmetics producers. The Trilogy deal shows how the world of cosmetics is changing for the majority of companies, which will also see those classed as independent producers grow to become some of the most important cosmetics companies in the 21st century.

In the US, the American dream is alive and well in the hands of the now iconic Lime crime brand, which has seen a large amount of growth since the company switched from designing clothes to producing their own cosmetics. The brand has made its name with a bold approach to color and production values that sees the marketing and research of products performed entirely under the watchful eye of CEO Doe Deere. The Russian born executive and cosmetics expert still finds the time to work on the new products of Lime Crime to make sure the company remains true to itself and maintains the values she stands for.

Lime Crime is moving to the head of the cosmetics industry as people from each gender are searching out innovative and different products that reflect their own personality. Major companies are introducing themed lines with the backing of popular culture figures, but the arrival of independent producers will push the boundaries of cosmetics in the future and drive the direction taken by the major producers over the rest of the decade.

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