Lime Crime Has Changed the Way I Wear Makeup

I have never been a makeup person, for most of my high school years I didn’t even wear lip gloss. The older I got, the more I began to show an interest in makeup, mostly nude colors and sheer lip glosses. Now I am experimenting, and pushing the limits just a little with more confidence. I’m not afraid of brighter colors, or eye shadow that makes my eyes pop. There has been a shift in what I crave creatively when it comes to makeup recently, and I can definitely say that since my early days. I have become very attracted to makeup that leaves me, and everyone around me speechless.

Normally I could get my makeup fix at the mall, but I noticed that the more I dabbled in the makeup world the less I was able to get what I needed from department stores. I started looking into shops that provided theater makeup, but before I knew it I was reaching another roadblock, and also finding issues with my spending. Finally I got tired of searching high and low for makeup that I would never find, I went online and did a last resort Google search and that’s where I found Lime Crime.

Lime Crime is an online makeup retailer, that offers cruelty free makeup at an affordable price. When I found Lime Crime, I immediately learned that there was a market for the colors that I’d been searching for. I was blown away by the selection of colors and the whimsical packaging, everything about Lime Crime drew me in. The cosmetics were so affordable that I was able to rack up without going broke, I even took a chance on some bold lipsticks just for fun. I was like a child in a candy store scrolling the site, and everything I wanted was literally at my finger tips.

Now that I have a place to get all of the bright and daring colors I need, can spend my weekends recreating makeup tutorials, and even creating a few of my very own. I never feel limited in my selection, and I own that to Lime Crime. I can truly say that the sky is the limit for me when it comes to my makeup creativity, and because of Lime Crime everyone wants me to teach them my makeup tricks and tell them where I get all of my makeup goodies.

Lime Crime is a makeup company that doesn’t make makeup for women to hide their blemishes and flaws, Lime Crime is meant to inspire women to dare to be noticed. As a former wallflower, I believe that Lime Crime has changed my life and the way I use makeup forever.

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