Doe Deere’s Roller Coaster of Colors!

Makeup can often be compared to art. After enhancing features, individuals enjoy going out to work, school, run errands and show the world their different face and embrace society. There are no rules about makeup, so people are free to use whatever they enjoy to help outline who they are. A face can be changed every day using certain colors. For a certain day of the week one might choose dip into a compact palette of colors, selecting an ivory to highlight an eyebrow, dusty rose covering the whole lid, dark brown in the center and patting a pearly shell-pink powder to blend it all out. To complete the look and add definition, an orchid shade could line eyes. This look could also be “an everyday” look for some depending on their style. More and more, makeup continuously gets more astonishing and bold! It is exciting to try out different colors like those created by Doe Deere.

A business and technology executive born in northern Eurasia’s Russia, Ms. Deere was raised in New York City, which is a city that not preachy when it comes to clothing or makeup, rather allowing one to do their own thing to influence international makeup and clothing trends. Perhaps this is why her successful line of trendsetting cosmetics known as Lime Crime has taken off so well. Doe Deere’s imaginative cosmetics for lips, eyes and nails can stir those who want to try some different looks and play around yet it satisfies others who enjoy a simple and conservative look or even for those easing themselves into makeup.

This former rock band member (that had a flair for fairytales), began her business in 2008 because she had a difficult time locating the type of makeup she yearned for, a kind that offered enchanting colors and that did not test on animals. By creating her own kind of products, Doe Deere also hopes her line will change a little bit about how society views makeup. Of course cosmetics provide different perceptions for every person but Deere feels that how one feels at the present moment is what beauty is all about and makeup should be a fun experience, not a chore.

Doe Deere created her business using her daring creativity to fulfill her passion for something unique. However she also created cosmetics that allow one to produce almost any look they want, yet they also allow one to achieve a look that is low-key and natural. Lime Crime is like no other cosmetic brand available and it has a very loyal customer base. In a bit of time, Lime Crime might just turn out to be that friendly neighborhood beauty store down the street!

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