Oh those lips, those big, beautiful, juicy, glossy, ultra glam lips! Where did they come from, besides the natural beauty she was born with?

We don’t want to give away every beauty secret in the book, but with lips that luscious, pouty and perfect, there’s no doubt she’s discovered the incredible range of lipstick colors now available from LimeCrime’s Velvetines!

Let’s face it, women who want to turn heads know that are a few key tips to looking fabulous, and one of the most important is to pay attention to those gorgeous God-given lips. That’s why finding a line of lipstick that truly turns her lips into attention-getters is crucial. Every gal who loves being pretty knows that great looking lips are the key to a stunning look, and there’s not another lipstick line around that packs a bigger “wow” today than the liquid-to-matte looks of Velvetines, from LimeCrime. Velvetines are a vegan, cruelty free lipstick line inspired by the knockout beauty of rose petals. Once this silky, liquid to matte slipcover goes on, it packs a beauty wallop that’s truly as gorgeous as the timeless loveliness of a rose.

In keeping with this naturally beautiful theme, Velvetines lipsticks come in a pretty, rose-themed wand that’s easy to carry in a purse or clutch, and very easy to apply for an instant touch of classic glam. Though Velvetines go on smooth and liquid, they set to a stunning matte finish that’s as bold as it is beautiful. What’s more, Velvetines come in a range of dynamic colors that offer something to match every woman’s mood or personal style, as well as every outfit in her closet.

With hues that range from deep reds (Red Velvet) to luscious electric lavender pinks (Rave) to eye-catching neutrals (Shroom), the Velvetines lipstick line has a color and look to suit every ensemble and every mood. When it’s time to make a bold and beautiful statement, it’s time to wear long-lasting, kissable Velvetines.

These long-lasting lipsticks retail now for $20 a wand. Be sure to get one in every shade.

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