Recap: Doe Deere – Founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics

In a world where even cosmetics have become too regimented to ever really be considered a means to redefining beauty, there is one creatively fun individual who has set out to change all that, to make an entire line of cosmetics that does not focus much on looking good, looking proper, or looking posh, but only in looking and feeling right.

Enter the cosmetic world of Doe Deere, a Russian-born New York City-based cosmetologist and founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics – a radically fun selection of top-of-the-line custom-made cosmetics that redefine how cosmetics are viewed and experienced by the general public. Bourne out of Doe’s favorite color (lime), the theme is to attempt to embody an inventive take on fashion, with bright, bold, outrageous colors that are so dazzling, and so out-of-this-world, it shouldn’t be ‘a crime to wear them.

Lime Crime stands out as among one of the few small female owned businesses in the cosmetic industry that seeks to embody a more authentic and original range of products. Cosmetic products for personal expression that breaks away from the common standards, and instead, dictates of high-fashion and inspires against the norms of what is considered ‘presentable’ and ‘proper’.

Launched in 2008, for Doe’s DIY fashion line, this brainchild of an idea was wholly her conception, from the very start. “I modeled everything myself, and wanted my whole look to be on-brand, so colorful makeup became my staple,” commented Doe, from an interview posted on Doe indeed embodies her entire cosmetic line; thanks to her amazingly gorgeous bright-pink hair, stunning mascara and plum-red lips that are testament of her innovative, daring, and out-of-the-box high fashion ideas!

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