It’s You Time With Lime Crime!

About Lime Crime

Most makeup brands want to change you, but not Lime Crime. Lime Crime by Doe Deere wants to enhance you! Better yet, they want to give you the tools to enhance you. Lime Crime not only encourages you to be who you are, but they also like to see you show it to the world with pride!

Lime Crime is environmentally friendly. They love animals and nature! Their colors are as bold as they are strong, perfectly crafted for powerful and trendy men and women alike! They offer products for your eyes, lips, and nails. Every product is given a cool and creative name.

If you ever need a hand, look no further than their convenient helpline. Until then, come be a part of the fun and learn more about this dazzling and liberating brand!

Check This Out

Lip Products

Their Unicorn Lipstick is as magical as its name! These rockin’ lipsticks come in colors like “Cry Baby,” and “Retrofuturist.” Make sure to check out “Styletto” and “Serpentina.” Keep it fun and simple with their Carousal Gloss, which also comes in a crazy array of high def.’ colors. Try their Velveteen gloss if you want to meet somewhere in the middle!

Nail Glam

Lime Crime offers Unicorn Nail Polish! These polishes are, again, absolutely cruelty free. They come in colors like “Pastelchio” and “Parfait Day.”

Eye Eye Captain

Check out the Venu Palate Box from Lime Crime! It comes in a gorgeous and artsy box that is easily storable and cartable. These exquisite eye shadows come with names like “Rebirth” and “Muse.” You’ll certainly get in touch with your artistic side as you create yourself with these shadows. Their liquid “Quill” eyeliner gives you a perfect blend of precision and artistic freedom. You won’t need a reason to try the fun and unique “Reason” glittery grey eye shadow. Kick it up another notch with their Zodiac Glitter.

Some Other Sweet Info

Lime Crime features a Look-Book that’s a total feast for the eyes! They also have a blog on

The blog is packed with pictures of fans and celebrities who just love their products. Be interactive and participate in Fan Friday, which features fans modeling their amazing colors and palates! They have interviews with famous and influential people that are bound to inspire you while you enhance and create yourself!

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