July, 2015

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FreedomPop Wireless and Other Mobile Wireless Services

Cell phone bills have become astronomical in price since companies have been adding more features to their plans. It also has become a major expense to use the internet, especially if you need a hotspot to use with other equipment like your table, laptop, or home computer. People are constantly shopping for a much better deal and of course every company is competing with all the others to offer better prices and better deals. You are spending money to buy the phones, get insurance, have additional talk time, texts, and of course data. The more you use the higher the bill goes, then you may have to purchase extra which is really high. Well now there is a company who feels your pain and is offering some of the best deals around. There are called FreedomPop.

There is now a cell phone service that gives away free text, talk, and data. Yes, I said FREE! Who does that you want to know? FreedomPop does! FreedomPop has a great new concept for their customers, they are giving away 200 free texts, 200 free minutes of talk, and 200 mb of free data when you sign up as a new customer. If you need more than the basic plan, you can choose other plans with more talk minutes, texts, and data at great low rates. Why are they able to offer these great services and plans when no one else is doing it? Because unlike most other cell phone companies, they don’t have the expense of stores, and all the expenses that goes with that, they offer their services online, with customer service available online or by phone, which helps them save money, so they are able to save money and pass the savings on to their customers. FreedomPop also offers a sim-card only service to the people in the United Kingdom, you can bring your phone from your existing service and add your new sim card from FreedomPop to your existing phone.

Right now, they are offering some bonus specials to people who join FreedomPop right now, free calling to over 60 different countries all over the world. As another bonus, they are offering free talk and texting when communicating with other customers of FreedomPop, and data that you can roll over to the next month when you don’t use it. FreedomPop has a new program called Jetsetter that they will be adding on later in the year which will be offering roaming data free. Customers will be given 100 MB of high-speed data free every month that can be used in countries such as France, England, and Spain, and will be good in other countries in the future. Another new program that they are now offering is for customers that have an iPhone can get unlimited Wi-Fi for $5 per month. The plan will offer Wi-Fi with free sign on to any of their hotspots anywhere in America. More hotspots that can be accessed will be added to the program in the next 3-6 months. So far, other android phones are not included in this plan. FreedomPop also offers hotspots that can be used as portable Wi-Fi and USBs that can be used with your laptop and some tablets so that you have portable Wi-Fi wherever you want to go.

It’s You Time With Lime Crime!

About Lime Crime

Most makeup brands want to change you, but not Lime Crime. Lime Crime by Doe Deere wants to enhance you! Better yet, they want to give you the tools to enhance you. Lime Crime not only encourages you to be who you are, but they also like to see you show it to the world with pride!

Lime Crime is environmentally friendly. They love animals and nature! Their colors are as bold as they are strong, perfectly crafted for powerful and trendy men and women alike! They offer products for your eyes, lips, and nails. Every product is given a cool and creative name.

If you ever need a hand, look no further than their convenient helpline. Until then, come be a part of the fun and learn more about this dazzling and liberating brand!

Check This Out

Lip Products

Their Unicorn Lipstick is as magical as its name! These rockin’ lipsticks come in colors like “Cry Baby,” and “Retrofuturist.” Make sure to check out “Styletto” and “Serpentina.” Keep it fun and simple with their Carousal Gloss, which also comes in a crazy array of high def.’ colors. Try their Velveteen gloss if you want to meet somewhere in the middle!

Nail Glam

Lime Crime offers Unicorn Nail Polish! These polishes are, again, absolutely cruelty free. They come in colors like “Pastelchio” and “Parfait Day.”

Eye Eye Captain

Check out the Venu Palate Box from Lime Crime! It comes in a gorgeous and artsy box that is easily storable and cartable. These exquisite eye shadows come with names like “Rebirth” and “Muse.” You’ll certainly get in touch with your artistic side as you create yourself with these shadows. Their liquid “Quill” eyeliner gives you a perfect blend of precision and artistic freedom. You won’t need a reason to try the fun and unique “Reason” glittery grey eye shadow. Kick it up another notch with their Zodiac Glitter.

Some Other Sweet Info

Lime Crime features a Look-Book that’s a total feast for the eyes! They also have a blog on ilovelimecrime.com.

The blog is packed with pictures of fans and celebrities who just love their products. Be interactive and participate in Fan Friday, which features fans modeling their amazing colors and palates! They have interviews with famous and influential people that are bound to inspire you while you enhance and create yourself!

Miami Art Collectors: the Heart of the Humanities

“It’s an artist’s right to rebel against the world’s stupidity.”
― E.A. Bucchianeri, Brushstrokes of a Gadfly

It may be an artist’s right to rebel against the world’s stupidity, but it would be a meager and hungry existence without the support of powerful people. Without the support of those who have dedicated their lives to collecting and curating great works of art, the soul of a society would wither up and die. Thankfully, Miami boasts some of the most generous philanthropists in the art community, including Don and Mera Rubell, Rosa and Carlos de la Cruz, and Adam Sender, all of whom have extensive contemporary art collections.

The Rubell Family Collection not only includes world-renowned artists such as Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring, Damien Hirst, Jeff Koons, Cindy Sherman, Kara Walker and Andy Warhol, but also supports emerging contemporary artists lending credibility to their work. The Rubell Family Collection is housed in a 45,000 square foot facility in Miami that is open to the public at 95 NW 29th Street.

Rosa and Carlos de la Cruz also lend their support to the contemporary art world with their 30,000 square foot facility in Miami’s Design District (23 NE 41st St). Privately funded by the de la Cruz family, the exhibition space was designed to support local art education and awareness by providing lectures, workshops, scholarships, internships, and artist residencies.

The Adam Sender Collection boasts more than 1,000 pieces of art worth over $100 million. The Sender collection contains works by established artists like Sarah Lucas, Matthew Barney, Chris Ofili, Keith Haring, Jenny Holzer, Mike Kelley, Barbara Kruger and Cindy Sherman, as well as emerging artists like Rashid Johnson, Frank Benson, Diana Al-Hadid, Jim Lambie and Urs Fischer. Adam and Lenore Sender often display portions of their collection in pop-up exhibitions like the one they opened to the public during the 2014 Art Basel Miami Beach.

Thanks to these generous spirits, the art community continues to thrive and the rebellious heart of Miami continues to beat.

The Unique Mind of Joseph Bismark


Who could ever achieve the greatness of Joseph Bismark? I never knew of this leader before, but after reading an article about him on the blog, “We Don’t Love These Hogues,” I can say he is truly an inspirational being. Raised in the mountains of the Philippines among monks, he learned at a young age what most of us would learn later in our life. Success can be achieved by everyone. When he returned back home in Malaysia, he applied that knowledge in the business industry and eventually worked his way to do wonders. 
One of his best accomplishments was being the managing director for Qi Group. Applying his strong sense of spirituality into his work, he managed to do many things there, such as inspiring the creation of the Corporate Social Responsibility arm of the Qi Group. As for more modern news, the Qi Group opened a college in Malaysia called Quest International University Perak. At this astounding university, students are informed of the impacts of humans on the Earth which basically was a part of Bismark’s spiritual belief. Joseph Bismark is very different from any other everyday businessman.
Most businessmen tend to be very arrogant and egoistic, but not Bismark. He is a humble being and even as a boss, he still respects his employees. Even when they are not doing exceptional work, he encourages them to work harder to achieve almost perfection with no harsh words. As stated above, he believes everyone can reach success. 
He took his spirituality and combined it with the corporate world thus creating a powerful sense of brotherhood and humbleness. He brought uncountable businesses to follow his own beliefs and numerous people to follow in his footsteps. I believe Bismark is someone that not just businessmen, but everyone should hold in the highest esteem. He is a quintessential of how far a person can go in life by working to the best of their ability and just being optimistic.

Brad Reifler’s View on Investment Opportunities

Forefront Capital, which was founded by Brad Reifler, is a company offering a new spin on investment opportunities. Historically, most investment companies only served clients whose financial situation landed them in the top 1 percent of the population, which included incomes in excess of $200,000 a year or a net worth of at least $1,000,000 without calculating their home into the net worth. Reifler, who Reuters says is CEO of the Forefront Capital Group, is changing that historic fact by serving the 99 percent of the population in his company.

This gives opportunities to many people, who are classified as the middle class and otherwise would not be considered for investment services. Many of these people already have retirement plans through their employer and Reifler can offer additional financial security by way of high risk investments, which can yield enormous gains. In a recent Reuters article, the specifics of his plan are highlighted.

Reifler offers the middle class the chance to invest in increments as low as $2500. Brad wants to help this group of investors, who do not have much experience in the field, to feel comfortable in their investments when they become clients of Forefront Capital. He aims to provide services that will help his clients bridge the gap between employment and retirement through quality investing.

FreedomPop Secures Additional Funding

For many people, their mobile phone bill is astronomical. It takes far too large of a chunk of their household income, and makes their financial state difficult. FreedomPop has an offer for you; ditch the old plan, and get a free on.

Since their start in 2012, FreedomPop has been providing bare bones mobile data and voice services at no charge. The company has been attracting a lot of attention for their innovative approach, and today, they announced that they had finished a new round of funding. This time FreedomPop managed to raise $30 million. Following the news that FreedomPop turned down multiple buyout offers, this shows how committed the mobile phone company is to their message.

Partech Vnetures took the lead on the Series B round alongside existing investors DCM Capital and Mangrove Capital. Niklas Zennstom founded FreedomPop with money from his own venture company Atomico. The company has raised $49.3 million in funds since then.

The trick to the way they operate is that FreedomPop doesn’t have any infrastructure. Instead, they buy all their data from Sprint at a wholesale rate. FreedomPop eats the losses on their mobile data, but makes up for it in other ways. The company doesn’t bundle phones in a contract, but it does sell them directly to users. Once they have a phone, the customer is given 500 MD of data, 500 text messages, and 200 minutes of voice for free each month. If the user needs more, they can purchase additional amounts at a cheap rate or subscribe to an unlimited plan.

Most of FreedomPop’s money comes in the form of add on packages for the base phone. These are sold at additional cost to the consumer. Popular examples include a roll over data plan and an option to get an international number attached to your phone.

Love At First Sight Is Possible When Dating In Russia On AnastasiaDate

When some people think about dating, they become weary, and they may not want to start dating again. People that are new to online dating, they may find that it is a bit difficult to navigate, but online dating does have its perks. Using an online website is a great resource when one is looking to date someone in Russia. Even a Russian who is looking to date an American can find many persons online who are looking for someone from Russia. Since online dating is very lucrative, it’s wise for any man who wants to date a Russian woman to start by going online.

For some men it may be easy to tell if they have found a woman that they feel they can love forever. In certain cases, two people may meet for the first time, and they feel like they have fallen in love. Many people talk about love at first sight, and although some people don’t believe in it, many people do believe that it’s real. When it comes to finding love at first sight, it is a possibility, but it’s necessary for both persons to see each other. Finding love at first sight may not happen in person, but it’s possible to happen through a meeting over the Internet.

The Internet is a vast dating place, and many people partake in online dating these days. Even those who are looking to date women overseas can easily find a great woman, and they may end up falling in love right away. Many men who join the AnastasiaDate website claim that they have fallen in love with the women that they find on the website. Sometimes, it only takes one look at the picture of a beautiful woman, then the man will fall in love. The AnastasiaDate website is very simple to navigate, and it’s easy for anyone to use the website.

A user simply needs to sign up for an account, and account sign-up only takes a minute. Once the person creates an account, they can easily start doing a search for a beautiful woman on the website. AnastasiaDate has women that are already programmed into the website, so there’s no need for a man to wait for a woman to join the website. There are thousands of women that are ready, willing, and available for dating on AnastasiaDate.
The women on the AnastasiaDate website are Russian, and they are absolutely beautiful.

Even if a man does not believe in love at first sight, he can still start dating a woman on AnastasiaDate website, and hopefully, they may end up falling in love. Any man who is tired of being lonely, he may want to venture onto the AnastasiaDate website to look for love. There have been many successful dating stories on the AnastasiaDate website, so it’s not impossible for many more love stories to happen. Any man who is ready to find the love of his life, even if she is overseas, he should join the AnastasiaDate website right away.

Improving the World on Many Levels

The multi-level marketing company known as QNET is among the leading direct selling businesses around which provides independent businesses for many who have yearned for their own business. Established in 1998, with several offices throughout the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Europe, the past few years have seen QNET’s distributors in the one-time Soviet Union countries experience an increase beyond 100,000. The mission of QNET is to inspire individuals from all walks of life globally, to create their own business to help achieve their goals. This has been a prime reason for their immense growth.

With development reaching to more than 100 countries worldwide, this company focuses on services and products that enhance and ensure the well-being of an individual. These various products range from those affiliated with education, personal and home care, to nutrition and health. This business has ensured that they put together several events (including training) that familiarized brand new products. Additionally they created a partnership in Central Asia’s Kazakhstan, a high-flying market for QNET’s versatile products in the former Soviet countries or CIS region. Since 2014 these events have spawned a business growth of 21%, which reached beyond their prospects.

Offered by its e-commerce ownership program, globally to distributions and customers, QNET makes available an enormous variety of products to ensure balance and well-being. This company has a multitude of retail, in addition to local franchises and operations in several countries, with many agencies and offices throughout the world. Many consumers in Kazakhstan are enthusiasts for the company’s various luxury products like their exceptional jewelry (increasing in sales about 42%) and Swiss watches. Their loyal customers have seen an increase recently (which doubled) within the past year, which welcomed around 22,000 new independent representatives that became registered in Kazakhstan.

Recently QNET cheered on for Barclays Premier League Champions (in Manchester City) as they advised that they formed a direct selling union with the banking giant’s division. Part of this benefit is providing QNET with many perks that will create events like “meet and greets” which will be used to inspire many of their thriving independent representatives as well as incentive/rewards for their loyal customers.

QNET is the leading international direct selling business that is controlled by the QI Group of Companies, guided by successful entrepreneur Vijay Eswaran. Currently QNet is focusing on increasing the availability of their products to a potential of 30%, while presenting changes to its reimbursement strategy which can aid the various ways in which distributors can earn more. While achieving these goals, QNET continues its involvement in several global charities.

FreedomPop Makes Progress With $30 Million Funding Deal

FreedomPop and existing investors, DCM Capital and Mangrove, just made headlines with a Series B $30 Million funding capital deal with Partech Ventures. With FreedomPop already expanded into the UK market, this spells good news for people stateside who only need the basic phone and limited features.

The article mentions the possibilities of additional investors, one of which is a strategy investment firm and another possibility that included potential hardware offers. At this point, the future looks good for FreedomPop to continue its Freemium Package that includes 200 talk minutes, 500 texts, and 500MB of data.

How does FreedomPop do this? Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) is a means of delivering wireless Internet connections. FreedomPop has a deal that allows them to buy at greatly reduced bulk wholesale prices. Unlike other carriers, customers of FreedomPop only run up minutes while they are using the service.

What is the catch? There isn’t one. The basic account is free, and most people only need limited access to the phone, text, and data. For customers how need more, they pay as the add at prices ranging from $3 to $10 per add-on and enjoy only those features they use. One of these add-ons is Free International voice calls both placing them and receiving them. Just pay to have an International number assigned to you phone and enjoy service anywhere in the world.

Additional features include anonymous browsing to prevent government snooping, rollover features, phone insurance options and more added along the way.

Most consumers are unaware that there are no licensing fees for wireless channels, and the cost comes from paying a company for an access portal. With this $30 million increase in venture capital, there is no reason FreedomPop will fail to deliver on its promises of free Internet access.


Oh those lips, those big, beautiful, juicy, glossy, ultra glam lips! Where did they come from, besides the natural beauty she was born with?

We don’t want to give away every beauty secret in the book, but with lips that luscious, pouty and perfect, there’s no doubt she’s discovered the incredible range of lipstick colors now available from LimeCrime’s Velvetines!

Let’s face it, women who want to turn heads know that are a few key tips to looking fabulous, and one of the most important is to pay attention to those gorgeous God-given lips. That’s why finding a line of lipstick that truly turns her lips into attention-getters is crucial. Every gal who loves being pretty knows that great looking lips are the key to a stunning look, and there’s not another lipstick line around that packs a bigger “wow” today than the liquid-to-matte looks of Velvetines, from LimeCrime. Velvetines are a vegan, cruelty free lipstick line inspired by the knockout beauty of rose petals. Once this silky, liquid to matte slipcover goes on, it packs a beauty wallop that’s truly as gorgeous as the timeless loveliness of a rose.

In keeping with this naturally beautiful theme, Velvetines lipsticks come in a pretty, rose-themed wand that’s easy to carry in a purse or clutch, and very easy to apply for an instant touch of classic glam. Though Velvetines go on smooth and liquid, they set to a stunning matte finish that’s as bold as it is beautiful. What’s more, Velvetines come in a range of dynamic colors that offer something to match every woman’s mood or personal style, as well as every outfit in her closet.

With hues that range from deep reds (Red Velvet) to luscious electric lavender pinks (Rave) to eye-catching neutrals (Shroom), the Velvetines lipstick line has a color and look to suit every ensemble and every mood. When it’s time to make a bold and beautiful statement, it’s time to wear long-lasting, kissable Velvetines.

These long-lasting lipsticks retail now for $20 a wand. Be sure to get one in every shade.