Weights in Headphones

When you are looking to purchase a pair of quality headphones you expect those headphones to have some weight to them. When you pick up a pair of headphones and they weigh next to nothing you don’t expect those headphones to work well or give you a good sound experience. Does the weight of headphones determine their quality? Is a heavier set of headphones a better made pair? That might not be the case.

It seems that the headphones that are available in the Beats by Dre series have a secret to them that most don’t know about says Crystal Hunt. It seems that these headphones have a secret to the weight that they hold. Because these headphones cost a pretty high price and weigh a fair amount most believe that they are naturally high in quality. Most think that the weight of headphones determines their quality. With the headphones from Beats by Dre, though, there are actually small weights that are added in solely to make the headphones feel heavier. There are weights added to these headphones that do nothing to affect the quality. Just because headphones have a bit of weight to them does not mean that they will work well and perform better than lighter options.

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