CVS Target

If you shop at Target, then it’s something that you are going to need to be made aware of. Target is making some big changes, and it’s something that shoppers everywhere will notice. The retailer is selling its pharmacy and clinic businesses to CVS Health Corporation for 1.9 billion dollars. Shoppers will still be able to fill their prescriptions as well as get that ever so important flu shot. The deal will be affecting Target’s more than sixteen hundred pharmacies and 80 clinics. CVS is also expected to open up as many as 20 clinics in Target stores in the next few years.

According to Reddit, CVS’s retail presence will be drastically increased. It looks like these big changes are really going to shake things up in the retail world. Target is hoping that by doing this, it will increase focus on wellness. They’re hoping by making this change, more and more people will think that target is in line with making healthy choices. Target is also hoping that these big move will help to drive long term traffic.

Overall, it’s not huge changes that are really going to upset, or excite anyone. It’s just something happening all over, that people should be made aware of so that they don’t freak out when they see the changes. A lot of money is going into this deal, and here’s hoping that both companies see some success out of it. Afterall, CVS has long been popular. Target has long been popular. The two businesses coming together could have all the makings for a dynamic occurrence reports business analysts from Gravity4 on Twitter.

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