Beneful Dog Food to Start Supporting Renovations of Dog Park Across the Country in 2015

In 2015, Beneful Dog Food celebrated its fifth anniversary of its Dream Dog Park program by funding and lending their support to various dog projects across the nation. The projects that they cover concern every breed from the smallest Chihuahua to the biggest Great Dane. Starting in June 2015, they will be supporting the renovations of existing dog parks and making new ones a reality.

Since its founding in 2010, the Dream Dog Park Contest has helped to strengthen the lives of various dogs by supporting the construction of entire communities exclusively for dog fanatics. Within the last four years, Beneful has help to transform four dog parks in Alabama, Georgia, Arizona and Pennsylvania. All four parks have their own custom features such as brightly colored splash pads and food ingredient obstacles.

The dog park renovations that are due to start in 2015 will receive needs-based funding, material and educational expertise from the Beneful team. One of the parks that Beneful is leading the makeover of is the Lucas Park Dog Park in St. Louis, Missouri. That particular park will have a dog-friendly turf and one of Beneful’s Doxie tunnels among other additions. Their renovations began in May 2015 and the park is scheduled to re-open in late June 2015.

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